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Which league is the most consistent quality-wise in their teams' branding?


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I was just looking around on the mothership and I noticed that all of the leagues has their own "flair" to their team logos/uniforms. MLB generally are more classical, traditional with a lot of letters. The NFL seems to have more bold and aggressive logos than any other leagues, with some kind of face to it. The NBA tends to go with a lot of elements in their primary logos with the city name, nickname and a basketball. The NHL rolls out logos that are more graphical and fairly neutral compared to the NFL.

Which league do you think is the most consistent with their teams' logos, from top to bottom? Every league will have a best and a worst logo because someone HAS to be at the top and the bottom. But which league has the "best" worst logo and which one has the "worst" best logo?

Obviously, I am biased because I'm a baseball fan, so I think MLB has the best logos across the league because their logos seems to be more traditional and clean than any other sports. You don't see a lot of crazy pipings on their uniforms like in other sports (NFL - Seahawks, NBA - Mavericks, NHL - Panthers. Just using these teams as examples). Most of the time, MLB's pipings tends to be minimal and not so distracting, or there's pinstripes.

Just thought this would spark a good discussion. Doesn't have to include the Big 4 sports. Feel free to include other leagues at any level from anywhere!

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Based on logos, I'd say the NBA. Every team must have a script in their primary, a basketball in one if their logos, and more often than not, a roundel is found in their identity.

Based on uniforms, I'd say MLB. Cap logo is usually a letter/interlocking letters, home whites, road grays, not a ton of striping, while Too much/too thick looks bad.

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