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Barclays Premier League by soflo_sports (Liverpool added)


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So since the BPL has returned this past weekend, I thought I'd take a crack at designing kits for the 20 current clubs. So I started with Arsenal using their classic red home and yellow away, with a modern blue striped third. Hope you enjoy, and C&C welcome!







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Unfortunately these are not nearly as good as they look on the surface. The stripes on the third kit are different widths, and the gradient lines within the stripes really make no sense tbh. The way you re colored the crest on the third kit nearly makes it look invisible, which should not be the case when it is the identifying mark of the club itself. Your secondary kit is okay, but the red sleeves are a bit of an eyesore, and I would limit the use of red to small accents. Also, I think you should just use the regular crest on the shirt, because it ties in with the kit as is and it will match the shorts. The red home kit is okay, but IMO Arsenal looks best when only the sleeves are white, and not the shoulders. And again, your idea for the crest on the home kit is a decent one, but either change the crest on the shorts or change it in the shirt so they match. Overall it's a decent start but you really should make sure you pay attention to even the smallest details, and maybe consider making some of the suggestions that have been made.

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Updated Aston Villa Home:


you might just want to use the premier league font instead of doing different fonts for each team, it will help with consistency.

I wanted to make it as if its the club's kit for European competitions. Even though teams like Aston Villa haven't been to Europe in a while:)

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