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NBA -> MLB: Rebooted (Portland, Charlotte added)


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Hi, guys! This thread may seem familiar to some people, because I made a similar one about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I tend to have commitment issues on projects like these, and promptly went and completely forgot about this site. Cleaning out my computer I found the old templates, and thought: why not start anew and make it better than last time? And even better: Why not get around to actually finishing?

(Ironically, I have even less time to do these then before..)

So without further ado, I'm starting off with something simple: The Milwaukee Bucks:

I'm a huge fan of their redesign, and thought it'd translate well to baseball, being simplistic and all that. They don't exactly have an alt uni yet, so I decided to make a throwback to those Ray-Allen 90's jerseys.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome, and very appreciated.

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The hat logo is way too detailed to work as a baseball cap. The tiny letters would be extremely difficult (or impossible) to stitch well on a baseball hat. The buck partial logo could work, but the M from the bottom logo would be the most typical baseball hat logo.

Also, I think the cream bill clashes with the white jersey. I think that if any team should wear cream at home (like the Giants, etc. do), it would be the Bucks. You might need to lighten the cream some, but it would look very sharp.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Made their home jerseys cream, and davidmiller5 was right, they do look better. Also changed to the hat logo to the standalone "m", because the partial Buck didn't look right.

And for the black jerseys, I don't really like that leaked one, so I went overboard with the blue.


Next up is the Portland Trailblazers:


I have mixed mixed emotions on the sash, but I mean, it's iconic, so I have to include it.


EDIT: I just realized I spelled CJ McCollum's name wrong. Whoops. :lol:

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First of all, I like what you've done so far. It's been solid. I would agree with everyone that the Bucks pants need to be cream for the cream top, it makes a little more sense. I also think that the Blazers are one of the teams that, if you wanted to, you could get away with a grey jersey since that is actually one of their colors. I don't know how exactly to pitch that idea to you, but it might be one of the few teams you can do it for. Great work so far, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

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Bucks look good. Not sure about the sash with the Blazers. Where would it end? I know it ends on the side for a basketball jersey, but I'm not so sure that works for baseball. Maybe you can encorporate the pattern somehow other than that? I'm not sure. Hornets look good but I would put a number on the front left under the wordmark.

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