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Miami FC soccer team unveils logo, shield for inaugural season

While David Beckham negotiates with Miami-Dade leaders for a Major League Soccer stadium, the city’s other new professional team, Miami FC, took a step toward its inaugural 2016 season by unveiling its logo and shield.

Miami FC, which will play in the NASL (the same league as the Fort Lauderdale Strikers), begins play April 2016. The home stadium has not been announced, but sources indicated it most matches will be at Florida International University.

The team colors are orange and blue, with a hint of aqua. Orange is for the city’s energy, blue and aqua for the water and sky. The design is Art Deco, a tribute to the area’s distinct architecture.

“Our mission with Miami FC is to connect with Miami’s communities through the global language of soccer,” said Antonio Barreto, CEO of Miami FC. “We wanted to make sure the badge and seal drew inspiration from the distinctive character that makes the city great, and we also wanted to create something that was truly representative of Miami’s dynamic spirit.”

The team is owned by sports media magnate Riccardo Silva. Former Italian star Paolo Maldini, a part-time Miami resident for 15 years, is a co-owner and will be in charge of personnel and player development.

FIU Stadium


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That's correct. This is the NASL club, in the second division.

Beckham's club just came to a stadium land agreement, so they should be playing in the top-tier MLS in a couple seasons.

That's why I don't think Miami FC will have a terribly long life. We saw this play out in New York, where the NASL Cosmos got off to a slightly earlier start but have been almost-totally eclipsed by NYCFC. The Cosmos are hanging on partly on the strength of merchandise sales and partly because this is such a massive market. Just don't see that in Miami.

Always love to see Gotham, though. My favorite font.

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I feel as if having the corners of the shield be hard edges, rather than the rounded corners they are now, would make a big difference. Just doesn't fit the feel of the rest of the logo as is.

Overall pretty blah. Like Gothamite, I'm also a big fan of Gotham, but feel it just doesn't work here. Stretching it out really hurts it, and the straight lines combined with the bulging crest makes for weird dead space on either side of Miami.

I do like what they did with the "F" in FC though. So there's that..

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Nice logo but enough with the generic Euro brands already!

It would be nice if we could go one soccer-related thread here without this complaint popping up.

There's a reason why teams do this. It's popular! Soccer fans like seeing teams adopt soccer-specific naming conventions. It's not even that far-reaching. You still have your standard North American-style names like "Seattle Sounders," "New York Cosmos," and "Vancouver Whitecaps."

So please. Give it a rest.

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"The original MLS bunch" is about the best justification I can think of for an injection of global-style names.

Exactly. "San Jose Clash," "Dallas Burn," and "Tampa Bay Mutiny" aren't exactly the examples you want to hold up to argue against European-style naming conventions.

It's also worth noting that the original MLS lineup included DC United.

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