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Ohio State shoulder numbers


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I wasn't sure of the year but it reminds me of Eddie George. I've got an Ohio State Eddie George jersey with those big numbers on it.


Ohio State needs to back to this minus the larger shoulder numbers. Only because they would cover the whole shoulder.
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I know as a graduate and fan of the Ohio State University, I'm supposed to love the oversized TV numbers, but I just don't.

IMO, this is the best tOSU has looked since the 70's...


Put the black TV numbers on the road, and you've got the perfect set... no alts need apply.

I can go either way. I love the giant TV numbers because that's what I grew up with, but the black numbers are an awesome quirk and a cool throwemback to when those unis first came to be in the 60's. Mostly though, as long as those stripes are back on the sleeves I'll be happy.

Winning the first ever playoff was cool. Doing it in these uniforms made it even cooler



*waits for some boob to tell me those stripes don't work on a modern jersey* - beat it, guy. I think they look fine.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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