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High School Logo Concept | VERSION 3 | 8/22


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So a few years ago my high school had copyright problems with their sports logo. Now there is no official sports logo for the school. Most sports we use just a block F or the ugly school logo. Many loved the concept of our last logo with a hawk head through an F. I decided to update that look that so many people loved. This is just a fun side project for now, but I may look to present it to the athletic department. Please leave any comments or criticism you may have. Thanks!


Here are a few of my own questions/concerns you guys may be able to answer for me:

  • I feel as if the logo may look too generic. Do i need more "flare"?
  • I am not sure if i shaded it right. Also, is it a problem that i have white highlight on the F but not the hawk head?
  • Does it look more like an eagle than a hawk?
  • Should I add highlights to the hawk head?
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1. I don't believe it's too generic, the bird as part of the F is pretty unique to the best of my knowledge and works really well as a high school logo. That being said, the bird looks a little bored to me. It's a little bit too rounded overall, I would add a few more angular lines, particularly in the beak. The beak is definitely the main reason the bird looks bored, I think the eye is ok, but you could also make that a little more aggressive looking if you choose. Right now the mouth looks too small, maybe extending it a little farther back would help.

2. I'm not entirely sure if it's shaded right, it does look a little off but I can't quite figure out why. I do think the hawk head should have a white highlight to tie it in better with the letter.

3.Eagles tend to be stronger and more heavily built than hawks, so if you think you need to, you can slim it down a little to make it more hawk-like. Be careful not to go too far or you'll get a falcon. To me, it looks fine as it is.

4. Yes, but don't overdo it. Outside of the beak, it looks pretty good as is.

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I think this is a very solid start. As for C&C, Definitely add the highlights to the top of the hawks head. the shadows you have on top of the dark lines in the back neck area...I would move those under the lines so they match the very bottom shadow. Also, when scaled up your letter highlights/shadows are offset & have some visible cut marks that lets the under color come through. Last, something to try would be removing part of the bottom outline of the hawks head, this would allow it to better represent the bottom bar of the F by merging the two together creating a more unified mark, just an idea that may or may not work. Looking forward to seeing your updated version.

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I think ... it's a very ... nice, friendly, yet concerned hawk. If that's what you're after, then great!

I would possibly consider somethign more agressive with some more modern zig-zags in the design than something so clean and structured.

Can we see the logo that can no longer be used, so we know what NOT to suggest?

Also, I would consider moving the back part of the beak up closer towards the middle of the eye. it's very exagerrated, and not what a beak looks like. Worse, back corner of the mouth/beak on a hawk tends to end anywhere from the start of the eye to the middle of the eye ... but one on an eagle tends to end somewhere from the middle to the back of the eye. Thus, I would definately shorten it up so as not to imply it's an eagle.

You could also work on the beack in regards to color. Hawks almost always have two colors in their beaks, either black and yellow, black and gray, black and brown, etc (Eagles tend to have only yellow). Therefore, to further distinguish this as a hawk, I would try to work in a blue on the first half of the beak.

Lastly, you have three "feathers" at the back end of the neck. I also feels this is very eagle-ish, as it makes for a bald eagle kind of look. I might consider many sharp points to give a multi-layered look.

Hawk: http://7-themes.com/data_images/out/2/6772324-awesome-hawk-wallpaper.jpg

Eagle: http://ewallpapers-hub.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Eagle-HD-Wallpapers-7.jpg

Good luck!

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Back with an update.


  • Updated the beak to look more aggressive. I tried the two-tone beak, but nothing really looked good. Looking at other logos most disregarded it.
  • Added highlights to top of head and back feathers
  • Shortened up the 'brow' to make the emotion more mean
  • Moved the shadows around a bit
  • Formed the hawk into the F
  • Tried adding more 'points' to make the whole bird look more feathery, but nothing flowed together right. Would love to get some advice on this.

Tried finding a pic of the old logo but found nothing large enough to post.Its been about 6 years.

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Your changes are great!

Especially the melding with the F!

That would make a fantastic letter on a jacket, me thinks (as a paid-for, upgraded one, not a standard freebie).

In fact, if you're going to make a proposal to your school for this, you might want to hit up a dude here to see if he'll make you one of his "sewn" logos.

I have to dig deep in to my saved links to find it though.

Edit: Found it


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The way the hawk blends into the F is a nice improvement. I like that, but it doesn't really fix facial features.

1) The beak looks like it has a movable human-like mouth. If you take another look at some hawk pictures, the mouth opening is at the very bottom of the beak. The top portion of the beak makes up the majority of the beak and the bottom jaw is very thin. Try lowering the mouth opening.

2) If you look at the picture of the hawk that Ninjorz gave a link to, the beak does not extend back beyond the area directly under the eye, but in your version here there is a ton of beak under the eye.

3) I'm no zoologist but to me hawk beaks are smaller than eagle beaks, and their heads are smaller and rounder than eagle heads. Here you have the head extending pretty far left to right giving it an eagle vibe rather than the smooth dome of a hawk.

4) Lastly, I'd get rid of the middle shade of blue that is currently making shadows and make that color the darker blue. It would simplify the color palette and to give the whole logo a thicker, bolder look.

If you keep at it, you could get this thing to a point where it turns out really nicely.

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This is another great example of how this board can help take a nice concept into a solid logo.

I got this treatment last spring, and it made a huge difference in a logo I was working on for a local school.

Love this board... and I'm enjoying the progression here!

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Not as big of an update as I originally planned but I believe ive fix some problems here.


I thickened the top of the beak to be more hawk like.

Also tried round the head a little bit more. Had difficulty getting the correct look.

I tried simplifying the colors but it just looks weird when i did that, but I included it for you guys.

Also made the highlights thicker. Maybe could be a little more though.

A few problems I see right now that i need help with is:

  • I'm not sure if the highlights and shadows are done correctly.
  • I feel like the head as a whole should look more "feathery". Maybe by using shadows and highlights?
  • The beak update took a little emotion from the bird as a whole. How could I make it look more aggressive?

Again, thanks for all the help.

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