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Fixing the Colorado Avalanche


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Before HJC announced its Avs redesign contest, I began working on a "fix" for the Avs alleged new third sweater (the one leaked by Icethetics)

So this is what I came up with...


Once HJC the redesign contest was announced, I figured it would be a good opportunity to use this concept and make a matching road to go along with it.


C&C is always welcome, enjoy!

Edit: I also decided to enter my Avs concept from my NHL Redux thread...


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This may sound complex, but I would take that beautiful set that was supposed to be a third jersey and make that the home/away. I think that those uniforms are totally awesome, and that they will give the Avs identity a step towards maturity. That set blends in greatly with the other teams in the league and gives them a more serious look that they have needed for a long time. Great work.

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I love the new uniform, incorporating the mountain and the "C" logo onto the chest.

I have never liked the Avs uniforms, and have always found them juvenile... Sort of like the original Toronto Raptors logo, with the Barney-look-alike bouncing the basketball.

The Avs "A" crest, with the "swoosh" has always annoyed me. Combining it with the yeti footprint, and you have one of the worst jerseys in the NHL.

The problem is, the Avs won in those uniforms, so they have become iconic for Avs fans... And I know others like the logo as well, but this new jersey set you've come up with is very nice. I'd love to see them scrap the "A" and the yeti footprint, but you give me this new logo, you can keep the footprint on the shoulder!

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