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Go Red Sox!

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Hi guys. Here is another football club rebrand. It's a team from the NPSL again, the National Premier Soccer League: Miami United FC.

Their current logo is, at least in my view, a complete mess. I guess they intended to avoid a run-of-the-mill look, but almost everything about this logo is eventually wrong, more or less. The only positive and mentionable fact is the color palette which therefore remains untouched: Aqua, pink (rather fuchsia, as described on the club's website), black and sand.

I decided to completely discard the Miami skyline. Also gone is the terribly unfitting serif-typeface that neither screams Miami, nor soccer, but which one could easily find on a 1960's movie poster. My intention was to design a very simple logo that is easy to associate with what Miami is so very much recognizable for, besides its beaches or flamingos, namely its buildings or landmarks. So I integrated simple but typical Art Deco elements into the mark, like round-edged facade lines or the shape of era-typical neon signs.

The typeface is also very Art Deco-heavy. It's a sans-serif Bauhaus-oriented, Futura-like and easy readable font which best suits the typical look of Miami.

The amount of black is reduced while aqua has become the main color of the logo. The supporting color sand is exclusively used on the logo's soccer ball. The logo has white outlines on a black or differently colored soccer jersey.


Current Miami United FC primary mark


Miami United FC primary mark on a black (uniform) background


Logo detail

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Well in my completely biased opinion(that essentially hates any soccer crest that contains a soccer ball), I obviously hate it :P

Kidding aside though, its obviously MILES better than their old one. I guess I'd like to see at least one more symbolic element to really complete it though. I'm not from anywhere near Miami, so I don't really have many suggestions, but I heard mention of a Flamingo in some Miami FC talk at some point. Works with the colour scheme, could be cool.

I think it works though, overall.

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Thanks guys. I know, it's no spectacular design at all, but that was exactly what I had in mind when designing this crest. I wanted to avoid stereotypes like palm trees, flamingos, sun or sea. Just the colors and a mixture of round and linear shapes should give the logo the typical Miami-ish vibe.

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