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Pac-12 Kit Concepts (4 of 12 -- Stanford posted)


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I am not sure how apropos having two threads going at once is, but I have been so excited by the start of the college football season just around the corner and the EPL in full swing that I couldn't help but do a few soccer kit designs (don't worry, still have the NACL going and in fact have another club to post tomorrow). Also, shouts to Nas1787 for the template.

Not sure I have ever seen this on the boards so hopefully this is something new but I have created kit concepts for each of the teams in the Pac-12. They are all completed already, so I will release one a day for the next 12 days. So, without further ado...

California Golden Bears

Home Kit: The home shirt is navy blue with gold trim and features a "California" word mark on the cuffs and "Bear Territory" on the inside collar. The white socks feature a navy and a gold stripe that are actually made up of the word "California" repeated around.

Away Kit: The all-white away kit features a the new Cal bear logo sublimated on the front of the shirt, "Bear Territory" on the inside collar, and "CAL" written on the socks

Third Kit: The third kit is all-gold with a gradient dot pattern on the bottom of the shirt, as a stripe on the shorts, and on the top of the socks. Just as with the home/away, "Bear Territory" is written on the inside of the collar.


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These look clean and classy. Good work. That being said, the dot gradient on the third should lead down to white shorts (or change them to blue and use blue shorts like Wgeddes suggested). In short, use the gradient to fade into the shorts and then back into the socks.

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Thanks for the comments guys -- I made a few of your suggested changes to Cal and posted it above -- specifically I went with the dot pattern fading into navy colored shorts in order to bring more blue into the third kit. For the away, I wanted to keep it as clean as possible, so I added a yellow stripe on the socks and yellow outlines to the numbers. Here is the second school ...

Oregon Ducks

Home Kit: The home shirt is green and gold rugby-striped on both the shirt and the socks to go along with all-green shorts. The back neck features the old interlocking UO logo and the inside collar reads "It Never Rains", a nod to the famous phrase about Autzen Stadium.

Away Kit: The away kit is white and gray with volt accents, a color used pretty widely throughout Oregon sports. The back neck features the Oregon wing pattern and the inside collar reads "We will guard thee", a line from the school fight song.

Third Kit: The third kit is all black with yellow numbers and logos. The socks feature "WTD" which stands for Win The Day, the motto of Duck sports. The inside collar reads "Fly Together".


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I really like the overall feel of the uniforms, but I still think they need some tweaking. On the home uniform, I would add an outline to the numbers and numerals because they aren't readable right now. I would also make the gray darker on the road uniform so that the numbers and numerals are easier to see. Everything else looks good.

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Thanks again for the comments -- darker gray and a green outline on the home have been updated in the post above. I definitely agree that the Ducks usually go edgy and I had originally planned on doing that (you should have seen a few of my early ideas) -- but they all ended up looking not that great so I chose to go for clean and classy as opposed to radical for radical's sake.

Oregon State Beavers

Home Kit: The home kit is a muted all-black color with thick white and orange racing stripes down the front (similar to their football helmets) and extending to the back. The back neck features the script Beavers logo and the inside collar reads "This is our state", a dig at the in-state rivals Oregon and a nod to Oregon being nicknamed The Beaver State.

Away Kit: The away kit is all-orange and features a black double stripe that goes down the sides of the shirt and extends to the shorts and is repeated on the socks. The inside collar also reads "This is our state" and features the Beaver script on the back neck.

Third Kit: The third kit is an Nike N7 designed kit with all proceeds going to the Nike N7 Native American fund. Oregon St's association with this program extends back to 2010 when Joe Burton was believed to be the first Native American to receive a basketball scholarship in the Pac-10 (now Pac-12). Since that time, Oregon St has remained a part of this program and that continues with this turquoise kit. The pattern that goes along the shoulders is modeled after the Soboba tribe icon and the back neck features the Nike N7 logo. The inside neck reads "Define tomorrow", one of the N7 slogans.


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Stanford Cardinal

Home Kit: The home kit as a super clean all-white kit with red accents and a red stripe on the shorts. The inside neck reads "Fear the tree" the schools motto.

Away Kit: The away kit is the exact color opposite of the home kit, a cardinal color with white accents and a white stripe on the shorts.

Third Kit: The third kit as a "Cardinal Green" alternate that plays up Stanford's tree design. The kit is all-green with sublimated trees along the back bottom of the shirt. The S crest is also changed to feature just the tree and the back of the socks also feature the tree in white.


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