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Colorado Avalanche Fixed Up


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I submitted two entries for the HJC Colorado Avalanche competition, and I was interested in what sort of feedback I'd get here.

The first design is by my 6 year old son Alex. He drew the design and I rendered it for him. He made all the design decisions from which logos/colors to use to the font, I just made it happen:


The next design is mine. I brought back the more rich red and a darker blue, eliminated black on the uniforms, and added a cool alternate:



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I somewhat agree about the overlapping numbers. I think instead of pulling them up to be more like Pittsburgh and Florida's pre-edge shoulders, I'd pull them down more like Nashville's pre-edge set.

Colors look great. Alt is sweet. Only other change I'd say is reverse the sock stripes to be more traditional.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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