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Teams In The Wrong Stadium


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That Northwestern game was against Illinois, not ND. I remember they couldn't use one of the endzones due to the end line being too close to the outfield wall.

Doh! You're right!

Am I crazy for thinking that ND had a game there too?

Notre Dame probably did, just not in the 2000's. I want to say that wasn't the first time a team had played at Wrigley since the Bears left. I just couldn't understand how they couldn't configure the field better. I guess safety standards have improved a bit. When the Bears leftsseat belts weren't mandatory yet.
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Soccer at Fenway. It actually works better than Yankee Stadium.

If the Sox were ever open to it, the Revs should move in until they can find a new stadium. Gillette is too big and too far away for most people in Boston

Sight lines at the corners would still be a big issue. The Revs need to be put somewhere other than Foxborough though and I can't believe that MLS hasn't pressed the issue like they have with DC and Miami.
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Also never knew that the Packers split hands between Milwaukee and Green Bay. Quite the thread we have here.

To this day, the season tickets at Lambeau are split between the old County Stadium games (two regulars and a preseason) and the traditional Lambeau slate (the other seven). One is the "Green Package" and the other is the "Gold Package," but I don't remember which is which and don't care enough to look. The Milwaukee-based crowds have been reputed to be a lot livelier than the local ones, though I figure at this point people are just trying to get in the building whenever they can.

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I'm going apples & oranges a bit here... because neutral site bowl game... yet hosting in retro baseball stadiums is ridiculous...

As an FSU fan, the 2006 Emerald Bowl v UCLA at AT&T Park was insta-classic madness...

& I can't even believe I found an image online...


While that photo is obviously not game action, it was a west coast day game with similar attributes.

Yes... that was not a very fun time to be a Noles fan, yet I've endured.

To be honest, I've never quite held AT&T Park in the same esteem since.

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I can't find a photo that gives the perspective to which you can tell, but the Bears played at Memorial Stadium at the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL in 2002.

Yeah, it was featured in Madden 03 as the Bears home stadium... saw it once on tv, a ton more while gaming.

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Indians playing at Miller Park in 2007 due to snow at Progressive:


Angels playing at Dodger Stadium from 1962-1965, could not find a photo.

Fantasy turned reality, sorta. Anyone remember the Major League movies? The first one was shot at the old Milwaukee County Stadium, but it was based on the Indians.

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Giants had home games at the Yale Bowl in New Haven CT while the Meadowlands was being built.

Couldn't find a good photo.

They also played at Shea Stadium in 1975


That year Shea hosted the Mets, Giants, Jets, and NY (AL).

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