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Teams In The Wrong Stadium


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A's started season in Las Vegas because of remodeling for the raiders coming back at coliseum in 1996

This was a result of an unplanned event. So it fits this thread.

Kings and Rangers played in San Diego in the 1992 preseason, but I haven't been able to find any photos.

This was presumably a planned game. So it does not fit this thread.

Actually even though it may have been a planned game, it was still a one off, not a full season of the San Diego kings...

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The first every outdoor hockey games in the NHL was in 1954 when the Detroit Red Wings played against the Marquette Prison Pirates at Marquette Branch in Michigan's upper peninsula.


The Boston Bruins played a outdoor series in New Newfoundland in 1956.


In 1991, the Rangers and Kings played an exhibition game at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. There was a second planed game in Charlotte, but it was canceled because of poor ice conditions.



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I thought that the topic of this thread was explicity teams playing in a stadium other than their own on an emergency basis, such as the examples involving the Vikings, the Saints, and the Marlins.
I don't know why some people are posting about planned temporary homes, such as the Yankees and the football Giants at Shea, and the baseball Giants at AT&T Park, or about secondary homes like the Houston Rockets in New Orleans or the Celtics in Hartford. Also, the posting of the Jets at Shea and at Giants Stadium does not fit the topic, as those were the team's official home stadium; there is nothing "wrong" about them.


Basically teams playing at a different stadium because of renovations or construction of a new stadium.

Anyways, the Brooklyn Dodgers played some home games at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City to show Brooklyn they were serious about leaving.

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Marlins fan here...

Someone already mentioned them playing as the home team in Safeco Field against the Mariners in 2011... They also played as the home team against the Expos at US Cellular Field in 2004 when a hurricane was threatening South Florida. And recently Marlins Park has hosted a couple of soccer games...



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After the 1989 Bay Area quake did a small number on Candlestick, the Niners played a handful of home games in Palo Alto.


It was just that one game. Plus, Super Bowl XIX.

Not sure why I thought they had played there for 3 or 4 games there. 2-0 all-time at Stanford Stadium though.

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I don't consider games scheduled at a different venue (Jazz in Vegas, Hawks in New Orleans, Kings in St. Louis, etc.) to be "wrong stadium" issues, I would include things like the Clippers and Lakers moving playoff games to Anaheim and Las Vegas because of riots, or the Suns or Mavericks having to schedule playoff games at local college arenas due to scheduling conflicts.


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Tomorrow we will get one in the AFL. San Jose because they went 19-1 won the right to host the Arena Bowl. But because of the circus at HP arena till Sunday they can't play at home and will host game in Stockton. Just like they had to do for conference championship game last week. They tried to move game to Monday to play at home but league said no because ESPN booked game to air tomorrow night.


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