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Cougar Logo - C&C Needed


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I have taken it upon myself to create a logo for a local private school that lacks an athletic department logo. They are nicknamed the cougars and their primary colors are dark blue, light blue, and white. I've decided to add a tan color due to the fact that there is also a public high school located regionally that coins the same nickname and color scheme (sans tan). I've been working on this for a while now, and would like to go ahead and share it for some comments and criticism. Thank you


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You kind of just modified the University of Houston logo (which a ton of high schools and youth teams do). I get it, but I suggest you try for a more unique design even though it may take more time and effort to do so. Plus, I think the nose of the UH logo is very strange.

Also, my opinion is that an image of a cougar on the hunt (photo - it's all in the eyes) seems more intimidating than one who is growling and showing teeth which to me shows an animal in defense. Something to think about. I have seen some original designs posted on this board that have gone from good to amazing with the suggestions of others and patient designers working out their ideas. You're in the right place to get help, but the best designs on here are never modifications of recognizable trademarked logos. Good luck. I know how tough it can be.

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I would try to do more with the shadows to distance yourself from the Mercury Cougar logo:


Feels like the eye is too far forward/ears are too far back, too. Focus on tightening things up and using fewer individual shapes and colors -- you could be on to something here.

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The first option really reminds me of a mounted head ... on a wall ... the 'plaque' just really stands out for me, and also what Whitefoot said: Start from scratch rather than from a trademarked logo.

The second option is better, because it's more original.

- The ears are too rounded without an additional color to show the true shape of them (they look more like panda ears).

- The eyes definately need to be reworked, they're too rounded ... this logo's soul needs to be in them, and they need to give you a sense of movement or mystery.

- The lower mouth and throat look like a bullfrog's.

- The line ending the back of the neck is too close to straight ... it needs motion, and that motion needs to be carried out through the rest of the head and face. I'm not saying to make it growling or running or attacking/biting, but what I'm saying is even while still a cat is powerful, sleek ... it's a hunter ... you need to convey that from start to finish, because right now it's a domesticated lap cat.

Please understand I'm just trying to get to my point and not sugar coat it, not trying to be mean at all. It's a nice picture, but let's turn it in to a sports logo. =)

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