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Favorite AHL/ECHL uniforms?


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I like the way the colors are used on these. Probably my favorite Lightning affiliate jersey ever.


Also,partial to the Everblades jersey from a while back that used the Canadiens' horizontal chest striping. Looked great in their color scheme.

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Always was a fan of the old Salmon Kings jersey... Mainly because they were my home town team for a while.


they were MY hometown team first! BATON ROUGE KINGFISH FTW!!VQTaZJ8u-IvY5HF3jok4b5UeLeecqyPK9lG5cvVA

Now we just need an Erie Panthers fan to say to both of us that this was actually THEIR team first lol... But yes I know they were in Baton Rouge first.

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How many teams use the three primary colors as their color scheme? I know the Scouts and Rockies did in the 70's, and the Blues did for awhile.

I like how it looks.

Amarillo Bulls of the NAHL off the top of my head...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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