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2015-16 Barclays PL Thread


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Well, after a little bit of a hiatus due to a deliberate attempt to use the Internet less, I am back and ready to talk soccer (or football). So through three games my Reds have an impressive 7 points, and the only draw came against Arsenal at The Emirates. Of course, you could also look at the negative side and say that we managed to beat Bournemouth 1-0 at home, but I'm choosing to ignore that little tidbit ;). Here are some of my other thoughts after three matches:

Nathaniel Clyne could quietly become the signing of the season. £12.5 million for our best right back in years is an absolute bargain.

Christian Benteke looks set to prove me dead wrong. I was pretty darn skeptical at first, but was trying my best to take a "wait and see" approach. After watching the Bournemouth and Arsenal games, he is gonna be gangbusters. He is so much more than a target man, and Rodgers has even started crossing more.

James Milner will be imperative to our season, and despite his high wages, I think he can be worth every penny. His class in the midfield is what the doctor ordered and has been ordering for years.

I think Liverpool's absolute ceiling is third. I am currently predicting fourth or fifth, and if we do get in the top four, I'm predicting we'll push out Arsenal.

So this thread can be about complaints, trash talk (let's keep it civil please ;)), or just general BPL talk. Go nuts!

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Man City's gonna win the league, no question. They've been playing really well and if they get De Bruyne, their offense would be unstoppable.

I think you will be right. Man Utd are still a year or two or Gareth Bale away from being serious contenders, Chelsea are slipping, Liverpool can't win the league this year, and it's looking like Petr Cech might not be enough for Arsenal.

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Since International football covers multiple leagues and national teams I think having a specific BPL forum is fine.

Chelsea have been dropping points left and right. Mourinho bringing in Falcao and throwing his medical staff under the bus have both backfired so far. Pedro disappeared today and Costa has yet to prove he can do anything other than fight the other team.

Man City looks good so far but I think they may have started over buying. With not enough space on the field there's got to be some players heading out shortly or in January.

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