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Detroit Pistons concept "Bad Boys" tribute

Bob Mc-Back in Blue-Adoo

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Of all the team logos in the NBA, the Detroit Piston's current logo may be one of the simpler ones. It is merely the team name on a basketball which is fine for an expansion team but not for a team with as great a history as the Pistons. My concept calls upon the greatest era of the Detroit Pistons and that would be the eighties through the early nineties. Back when they were known as the "Bad Boys". The focal point of this concept is in the primary for the jerseys have only received slight changes. The primary features details from the "Bad Boys" era of the Pistons as well as a couple of pistons, the team's namesake. The secondary is simple and the only other real major design change is in the "Motor City" alternate. So, here they are.

The Primary Logo:


The Secondary Logo:


Home Jersey:


Road Jersey:


Alternate Jersey:


C & C appreciated!

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I like how you tried to incorporate actual pistons into the logo, but they look a bit out of place. I also don't see much of a difference in the uniforms; they look exactly like what they use now (minus the "Motor City" uniforms).

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Back with some updates. I've come up with two variations of the original because I received two different opinions. The first variation is the original minus the Pistons and the second is a variation where the basketball has been removed.

1st Variation:


2nd Variation:


About the uniforms, the changes I made were very slight since the Pistons do have a very classic look and I didn't want to make any drastic changes. The biggest changes are in the collars which now feature a red/white/blue color scheme which is a feature that made an appearance on their uniforms during the eighties and also the waist area features the same change. Those are really the only changes to the uniforms.

C & C appreciated.

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The pistons in the logo are completely new to the team's branding. They're way outside the box of what they've ever used. Don't just add the pistons on to an existing brand. Take those pistons--which I like--and use them as the starting point for an entirely new identity--wordmark, uniform template, everything. Push yourself. Experiment. Play. :)

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