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Super Bowl patches


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Inspired by some of the retro stuff many of you contribute, I am doing so now, thanks to Chris Creamer's Super Bowl logos and thanks to gridiron-uniforms.com as well.

I always thought it was a shame that Super Bowl patches didn't begin to be used until Super Bowl XXV, and then they stopped again until Super Bowl XXXII.

Here's a rendition of what a couple of past Super Bowl uniforms with patch logos might have looked like...

From January 1978, sadly the only Super Bowl I ever watched with my Dad.


And from January 1969...


I made the Super Bowl patches in a light grey outline.

Curious to see how you like them, and if you'd like to see more or not.

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"I had that thought too, that the patches were a bit too big. Trouble was if I shrank it any more it would be impossible to read what it said."

That happens to us at GUD a lot too. That's why, early on, we decided to also include a large, viewable patch on the team's yearly image so the specifics of the patch could be seen. Those first several games would have looked kinda clunky with the game logos looking the way that they did.

I'm thinking the January 1982 game probably would have been the first one to look fairly normal on a jersey. Too many of the ones that came before have too much space taken up by the words "Super Bowl."


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