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NHL 15-16: wife-beaters, adulterers, cokeheads, rapists, pill-poppers, AND METHODISTS

the admiral

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16 minutes ago, Morgo said:


God it is it ever...  Why do they have to destroy something that was so successful.

And I wasn't even exaggerating when I said one of the best sites.  It was tight knit & predictable to navigate.  Now it's useless.  


CBCnews.ca is working on the same future, testing beta for feedback every few weeks.  Soon I'll have to bail on them too.

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29 minutes ago, Morgo said:

Definitely not, it was perfect.  Even doing a simple thing like checking the standings has become intolerable with this new layout... 


Yikes.  I just tried their new standings page.  If the small logos weren't there, it'd be nothing but an eye sore spreadsheet.  Instead it's only 95% an eye sore.

The great news is Bettman's contract has been extended yes?

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10 hours ago, Sodboy13 said:

The Blue Jackets entire defensive corps gets clowned on one play, the team loses to Edmonton, and Brandon Dubinsky gets hurt. The regular season is BACK!

and we'll still lose the lottery. 


I didn't watch the game last night because I don't have TV or internet in the new place yet, but even if I did I probably would've watched the OJ Simpson Show instead. 

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So the NHLPA is going to appeal the Wideman hit.  I'm usually pro-union when it comes to union vs. league debates, but this is just plain silly.  I mean, COME ON:



Only. In. The. Gosh. Darned. NHL.

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1 hour ago, HedleyLamarr said:

If the playoffs started today, no Canadian team would be in the field of 16.  Wow.


Surely, that would be a first in NHL history.


Not just that, but the Western Conference Canadian teams take up the 4 bottom spots in the conference

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Flames doing their part to get back in the race, four-point game for Monahan against Carolina. Good, I've been getting so tired of progressives treating them like the next big thing, touching themselves while whispering "possessionnnnn..."


They're probably going to extend Eric Staal and Cam Ward again, they're not gonna do anything.

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On February 1, 2016 at 5:40 PM, Crabcake47 said:

I'm glad Scott won and got MVP, but I think after the euphoria of this dies down, we need to remember that Gary Bettman supplanted this guy from a winning team and sent him essentially to the AHL and forced him to move his pregnant wife and children from Arizona to Newfoundland all o preserve the Sanctity of the NHL ALL-STAR GAME.  And then we need to remember that that same Gary Bettman will be in charge for 8 more years. 


Im glad Bettman was forced to give Scott a cool million, but any poetic justice of it will be outweighed by the long-term consequences for Scott. 




The man took the NHL from a fringe sport to a multi billion dollar industry.  You know how you can watch every single hockey game on your phone now?  Do you hate that? Would you prefer that hockey was as popular as hand ball here in north america?


I will never understand the hatred for Bettman, he has only given the NHL more exposure and hate somehow hockey fans hate him for it. 

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