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Incorrect Jerseys in Heisman House Commercials


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In the new Nissan Heisman House commercial, I noticed that Troy Smith and Eddie George are wearing the jerseys the other one wore when they won the Heisman:



(I should note that Smith did wear a jersey similar to what he is wearing in the commercial earlier in his career, but the gray-less jersey is what OSU wore the season he won the Heisman.)

I also notice that there are no OSU or Nike logos on the jerseys. Are they not allowed to wear official jerseys?

Anyhow, this seems like a mistake that should never have happened. Have you noticed any other jersey mistakes in the Heisman House commercials?

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Noticed it, too. However, it's correct in another commercial. In it, Mariota questions whether the Heisman House actually exists.



The weird thing about that one is that Bradford and Testaverde don't even have jerseys.
Wrong jerseys aside, speaking of Bradford and Testaverde, the "Hurricane is coming" Heisman House episode/commercial is too funny!
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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