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Midlothian Sabers - Logo concept


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This is a very rough around the edges start of a logo for a flag football team. The team are after a sabre tooth tiger that isn't so aggressive (although my style tends towards the aggressive side, so we will have to meet in the middle on that). I would love any feedback on this logo. Ive had some great feedback from this forum before so I thought it would be good to get feedback on the early stages of designs rather than just the finished article. All feedback is appreciated big or small, harsh or nice.

Please note line work will be cleaned up and more colour will be added. The main areas where i am struggling is the area under the eyes. Also I'm not sure if I like the outline shape or not?!




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The teeth other than the 2 saber teeth need work. They look as if they are set behind the saber teeth, and they shouldn't be. Check out the teeth structure on this skull.

The ears need to connect to the head better, and add more shading. The overall look is really good,

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Worked on a few different options for the area under the eyes.

I think the first option looks the best. It emphasizes the cheek bones, which add to the aggressive look of the mouth. Second option looks like strange whiskers, and the third option looks tired with bags under its eyes.

edit: Now that I look at it, first option kind of has the same problem as the second. Like a french-twirl mustache.

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This is where I'm up to: OLD / NEW


Thankfor for al your help, Whitefoot you changes have improves it dramatically.

Im still not happy with the area under the eyes, but I quickly added some shadow to fill some space and i'm not really sure which way to go.

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