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Weekly Best and Worst of College Football

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I'm sure Tech was sure to be run heavy so they wouldn't pass to Alcorn.

Or they ran the ball because that's what they do. It did look like Georgia Tech vs Bizarro Tech though. If Tech colored the cuffs blue and got rid of the colored side panels it would look much better.
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Think Week 2 may be difficult for this thread. Lot of great looking games.


Can't go wrong here with thinking TCU's frog skin unis are awful. SFA going with numbers only on their helmets also didn't help


The more I look at it, the more I actually don't hate Syracuse's all orange. I'm still not a big fan of this design overall, though. I do like Wake's new uniforms.



The Ohio State - Hawaii game had me so happy this weekend. OSU looked like they should, and I absolutely love Hawaii embracing their heritage.


Thought the Tennessee - Oklahoma game was spectacular to look at. My first time seeing the new UT unis in game, too, was nice. Really liking this redesign


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I'm gonna go with Oklahoma-Tennessee as the best looking game for Week 2. (OSU-Hawaii was a very close second. ) This just screams college football. No wacky alternates, this is how a game between them would have looked 25 years ago. Also add in the fact that the stadium looked great with the fans color coordinating each section


That was the easy part. I've found that picking the worst looking game is much harder. Usually there is a wide variety of candidates. This week I'll go with Washington State vs Rutgers. I think both sets are overly NIKEfied and unoriginal. I've never liked Rutgers shining armor helmet shtick. Overall I think both teams looked drab and boring, multiplied by the fact that the weather appeared drab and boring, and I'm sure the play on the field was as well


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