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Colorado Avalanche concept


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I think you had an NHL series I liked. Either way Ti-Nick, I like what you've done here and I don't mind the addition of gray. Although I did tell someone who had a similar concept to put on a shoulder patch, I think this set doesn't need one.

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Really good set. I kind of like the current logo (divisive issue as it is). It has a very 90's feel but progressive enough that I think it has stood up to aging 20 years rather well. The same cannot be said of the PHX Kachina. Still if they're going to change, this is a good way to go.

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Love how you turned the mountain into an A. If they are going to slowly move on from their historic 90's look to the new simpler identity based on the C logo and the new third jerseys and outdoor jerseys - then this is a nice way to keep a little bit of cleverness instead of simply going so simple and modern that everything just becomes insanely bland.

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Very clean and precise. I like your concept for a number of reasons:

I. the bold 'grounded stance' if you will, of the triangle nicely emotes the mountain/s of Colorado.

II. I like how you have created the 'puck' within the 'C'. I am guessing that was intentional.

III. The colors obviously follow suit with their real life uniforms colors.

IV. I like how you have distanced their logo away from that design style (circa 1990s) that a lot of NBA/NHL teams used. Granted that 90s style** provided the impetus for future improvements.

**note: Colorado still uses that big, swift avalanche 90s effect today on their present shirts. Remember the 90s Seattle Sonics or Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys - same big effects.

The one con to possibly take into consideration:

the 'C' makes me think of the Chicago Cubs san serif 'C' but the colors are different from the Cubs and that triangle "hides" that similarity to some effect.

Nice work.

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