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New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) Spirits Hockey Concept


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I don't post concepts here much anymore but when I do, enjoy! Yes I used the Anaheim Mighty Ducks sticks for this design,

(I was too lazy to make my own at the time. But I re-drew it all so I'm atleast not C&P! those in doubt, I can send you my PSD files.)

So I give you my idea of what bourbon street hockey would look like to me...

I kept alot of things simple, traditional jersey design, added mesh under arms though. Gold collar shield to blend with the yolk design, black strings to differentiate from the original white laces. Beaded design added to the collar to promote the mardi gras tradition to promote the club.

I kept the jerseys simple, I hate new edge jerseys so hate me if you want you want for that.

So here's the main logo:


Away Jersey:


Alternate Logo:


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Good start. The primary logo is a bit busy. I'd lose the gradient to black at the bottom of the face...totally unnecessary. Also, I agree with the unis that purple and green should replace the black. In this instance, I would use black as only a very minor color for strokes. Ditch the black from the secondary in favor or green and/or gold. Also, I think it would make more sense to rearrange the "NOLA" lettering in the secondary. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the NOLA X has become a bit of a thing down here after Katrina. I would suggest swapping the lettering to match either of these:



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