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GUILD TEE available now on the cottonbureau! i'm testing the waters and trying to spread the word about Gridiron Guild through a t-shirt offering. if it goes well, there will be other tees in the future, but right now apparel isn't something i want to focus on with this. so get them while you can! it's available in 4 different colors, chosen to specifically to represent: Steel City Faction, Music City Faction, Gang Green Faction, and Mile High Faction.

link here: https://cottonbureau.com/products/gridiron-guild





Also, if you guys have any better ideas for Faction names, i would love to hear them! if i use it, i'll send you something :) Enjoy!


IND Colts

SF 49ers

CHI Bears

DEN Broncos

CLE Browns

SD Chargers

DAL Cowboys

MIA DOlphins

PHI Eagles

NY Giants

NY Jets

GB Packers

OAK Raiders

STL Rams

NO Saints

SEA Seahawks

PIT Steelers

MIN Vikings


twitter: @GridironGuild

IG: @GridironGuild

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Will the other teams come? I'd like to see some MLS too!

definitely wont do other sports but maybe NCAA one day. the first year will dictate how i go about other teams though. if i feel confident i can sell Jacksonville Jaguar themed product then i'll do it, but right now i am not pursuing every teams.

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Nice work! Some ideas for the cities not listed (excluding Tennessee, which was noted for the T-shirts):

Arizona: The Desert Heat Faction or The Original Faction (league's oldest franchise)

Baltimore: The Nevermore Faction

Buffalo: The Rust Belt Faction or The Upstate Faction

Carolina: The Black Cat Faction

Cincinnati: The Who Dey Faction

Detroit: The Motor City Faction

Houston: The Lone Star Faction

Jacksonville: The River City Faction

Kansas City: The Arrowhead Faction

New England: The Hoodie Faction

Tampa Bay: The Pirate Ship Faction

Washington: The Capitol Faction

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You're probably not open to any changes, but if you were, I feel the Chargers would be better served as the "Electric Faction".

As for the teams that didn't get featured...

Bengals: The Striped Faction, The Who Dey Faction

Bills: The Nickel Faction

Buccaneers: The Cannonfire Faction

Cardinals: The Red Faction

Chiefs: The Arrowhead Faction

Jaguars: The Jungle Faction, The Spotted Faction

Lions: The Hero Faction, The Rah Rah Rah Faction, The Motor City Faction

Patriots: The Liberty Faction, The Stars and Stripes Faction

Ravens: The Nevermore Faction

Redskins: The Warpath Faction

Texans: The Republic Faction,

Moser nailed a few perfectly.

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Alright, brace yourself for a Packers rant:

G for Greatness: No, the G does not stand for Greatness, contrary to popular belief; it stands for Green Bay. Packers historian Cliff Christl debunked that myth started by Tiki Barber prior to Super Bowl XLV.

15 NFL Championships: On a Dribbble description, you mentioned that the Packers went to 15 Championship when in fact they went to 13. The Packers were named champions from 1929-1931 without a championship game held because the champion was determined by record. Then, the 13 championships were 1936 (won), 1938 (lesser known, lost), 1939 (won), 1944 (won), 1960 (lesser known, lost), 1961 (won), 1962 (won), 1965 (won), 1966 (won, SB I), 1967 (won, SB II), 1996 (won, SB XXXI), 1997 (lost, SB XXXII), 2010 (won, SB XLV).

So, I'd suggest:

- Frozen Tundra Faction

- Titletown Faction

Alright, rant over.

Otherwise, it looks pretty clean and simplistic, which I like.

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