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American Premier League (12/12 - Week 20 Standings Update)


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Over the past month or so I have been working on my first ever fictional sports league. I came up with the league last year and I did not have the skills to make logos for the league, so I stuffed it away for almost a year. That league is the American Premier League. This is my first attempt at making logos for sports teams. So any C+C you have please feel free to post. Also, all cities are set in stone. I will probably ask for ideas for a team or two if I am stuck but the cities are here to stay. My inspiration for this series has come from Raysox' A-League and his fantastic APL. (I came up with the APL name before his series came out so it is just by coincidence that they have the same name)



The American Premier League was founded in 1960 by teams from Portland (Maine), Fresno, Tucson, Fargo, Albany, Boston, St. Louis, and El Paso. The goal of the league was to make the game of soccer more popular in America. Soccer was just beginning to gain popularity in America by the start of the 60’s. Attendance was low for the first few seasons and many doubted if the league would survive the decade. But in 1965 a new president emerged. Peter C. Wolters came aboard with one mission. To make the APL a top US sports league. He brought on a new city and one more in 1970, and by 1975 the APL was competing with the top sports leagues in america. The teams moved to bigger stadiums and in 1976 the APL was averaging 40,000 fans a game.


Today the APL has grown to 12 teams. They are scattered all over the US. The newest team coming in 2012 from the Northwest. One thing the APL loves and has loved from the beginning is small market teams. Only 4 teams play in “major” cities. Even with small market team the APL averages about 7.5 million fans per regular season. Each teams plays a triple-round robin schedule, playing a total of 33 matches a season. Teams alternate between 16 and 17 home matches every year. The season runs from March to Mid-October. Every season since its inception in 1960, there has been playoffs. At the end of each season the top 4 teams in the APL standings play for the American Cup. The 1 seed plays the 4 seed and the 2 seed plays the 3 seed. The semifinals and finals are both best of 3 series.


Bear Republic FC

FC Tucson

New York Empire

North Star United

Fargo Bison FC

Portland 1907

Boston Rebels FC

New Orleans FC (V2.0)

Boise Forest

Atlético El Paso

AFC St. Louis

Jacksonville FC



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Bear Republic FC was founded in 1926 by a group of soccer fans in Fresno, California. The played as a barnstorming team, playing team up and down the California coast. They proved to be way above their competition as they won 132 matches in a row from 1941-1946. One of the founding teams in the APL Bear Republic, as they are know by their fans,has played in every APL season. The colors have remained since 1926 when the team was founded. Bear Republic being the only professional soccer team in California, pride themselves on being California's team. This is very apparent from the logos and colors.The red and brown are taken from the California state flag. The logo is a hexagon with a silhouette of a walking bear from the California flag, and a red star in the corner. The bottom of the hexagon is red, taking the stripe from the flag. The banner states the team name. The home jersey is a classic look. It is a red jersey that features a brown stripe with the sponsor in it. The stripe is carried to the socks as well. The away jersey is one of my favorite jerseys I have done. It features a red stripe at the bottom of the jersey with the bear sublimated walking on it. Enjoy!


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FC Tucson was founded in 1958 as one of the founding teams in the APL. Although the league itself would not start play until 1960, FC Tucson used 1958-1960 to build the team up so it could compete in the league. In the early years of the APL, FC Tucson was awful. Five straight years in the bottom half of the standings really hurt the team and their attendance. In 1965 the team went 6-23-4 with a dead last finish and average attendance was less than 3,000 people. There was talk of moving the team to Las Vegas, but the thoughts never got traction. Today attendance is up to 42,000 a game and life is good for FC Tucson. The gold, red, and sand color scheme has remained unchanged. A jersey redesign in 2005, which tied back to the original look, made their set a new take on a classic jersey. The home is red with gold piping on the sleeves and a sand collar. The away jersey is a simple gold jersey with a red collar. The badge is a roundel with "Football Club" and "Old Pueblo", the city nickname, in the circle. A bar across the middle reads Tucson. In the empty space I used parts of a circle. In the upper half above the bar it has three cacti and below it has the year the club formed.



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Nice work here. I really like the league logo, simple but still recognizable...and it's not a bad way to incorporate a ball into the logo.

For Bear Republic FC, a very good look. But it's pretty much what I would expect from a set inspired by the state flag. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's not all that unique from these boards. Still solid.

FC Tuscon I absolutely LOVE. Great idea to stay away from white and opt for the sand color. Having never been to Arizona, I think these colors work well with the environment. I think one could argue that the red/yellow look would be better suited for a team in New Mexico...but I doubt that's in your plans. So it's fine here. The one minor thing bothering me about the FC Tuscon crest are the little red accent lines on the lower half of the roundel. Specifically the ends on the bottom coming to a point while the ends at the top look to have a much more straight cut off (if that makes sense). I would almost suggest using 3 different cacti to give it a little more character.

Nice work though.

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Tuscon looks great. Love that colour combo. One suggestion would be to fix the text in the rounded of your logo. It's not quite centred in the sand coloured area. Also, the numbers on the back of the kit could be made just a tad smaller. Great job though!

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The New York Empire was founded by three Englishmen living in Albany, New York. They wanted to have a soccer team in their home town. So, in 1955, the New York Empire were founded. They instantly gained popularity both in the state and in the community. This is largely because fans from Vermont, New York, Western Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts could identify with the team as it is very close to them. As one of the founding APL teams, the team has a long storied history. Their name reflects the state's nickname, "The Empire State". New York's logo is a newer logo, updated in 2013. It features a crown that represents the name and the year established. After an awful decade in the early 2000s, the team wanted to move on from that, so the crest shape and font were changed. The home jersey features a red chevron, an element I think looks great on a uniform, and a black base. The away jerseys are a red base with black sleeves.



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