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Big 4 preview yearbooks/guides...


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Do you buy them? Which ones? Did you used to & have stopped?

I made mention The Sporting News guide in the MLB thread & realized I've been buying their MLB preview guides since 1988.

I still buy their NFL preview, probably have since the mid 90's.

They stopped publishing an NHL one. I'm not certain if they still do NBA, though I stopped buying that one about 10yrs ago when it became so flimsy.

Until about 2002 I had every single book kept... that stack got silly & I recyled them. Now I just keep from the time I buy it until the final game of the season, then cut bait.

(I buy SI's baseball & football previews, they're in my secondary bathroom as readers - also from purchase until season's end)

TSN stepped their game up once they merged with Street & Smith, including their awesome 'targets' listings.

I used to buy their NCAAF preview yet that seemed so arbitrary for so many schools to pay attention to.

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The last few years I've been buying an NCAAF one. NFL as well except for this year I couldn't find one I liked. Athlon is the one I usually get but this year I got Lindy's for NCAAF as I couldn't find Athlon's in the store.

I'd love to buy old ones but really only for ones from the 90s and before.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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