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I am a huge fan of the NBA. A friend of mine introduced me to our local league, NBL Canada. As I looked up the league online, what I noticed was that the team logos looked very dated. Some even lacked imagination and originality. Earlier this year, I have begun to redesign some of the logos.

I started with The Brampton A's. I noticed that the logo was based off of an athletic centre that the team is owned by. The word Brampton was also poorly split within the logo. I decided to give them their own identity by giving them a new A logo and adding the team mascot to my design.


The next one was St. John Mill Rats. I felt that their current logo was dated and very cartoonish. I like using mascots, so I decided to create one. The team is called Mill Rats, I went ahead and designed a rat mascot that flowed with the typography I created.


The latest one that I created was for the Niagara River Lions during the "Name the Team Contest". I picked the name River Lions as it is in the regions crest. I guess it wasn't my lucky day as someone else won with the same name. When they revealed the team and its logo, I kinda laughed. As the logo they created looked more like an elementary school team logo. I wish I was able to contact someone to design the team logo, as I feel it is more aggressive and will last. You be the judge?...... Not only that, looks like they ripped someone else's concept for the Detroit Lions (A previous post on this site).


I will continue this by completing the rest of the teams and also revise the league logo. If anyone is looking for a logo or has any contacts for teams they want to share for jobs like this hit me up and thanks!


This is one I did for the Mississauga Power before the team folded and became a part of the NBA D-League as Raptors 905. Again I wanted to give them a mascot which was a rhino. I feel that this animal portrays power and if you get in their way you will be trampled!


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Not bad. I like Mississauga the most I think. The lion feels like it should be yellow instead of green for the mane, but the concept is sharp, personally might make its eyes more visible. Millrats is a weird name, but if thats their name then I think you've executed it pretty well, don't think that one needs much work. I find the "'s" a little unessesary on the first one, and personally I'd make the bulldog bigger, but overall its pretty classic looking, although personally I get more of a college football vibe from it than basketball. I think I might make the typeface for brampton a bit bigger so that it fills up the top bar of the A, but I think i'd have to see it to say for sure.

Overall though, these are great starts. I've been trying a similar thing with Canadian soccer, so I respect what you're doing here. Good luck here, looking forward to seeing the final results :)

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I LOVE RHINOS! Whenever I apply for a CCSLC Fantasy League again, I'm gonna ask permission to use this logo for my team.

Anyway, VERY nice sleek sets...also, the A's moved to Orangeville, so you might wanna update that when you get the chance.

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Guest darkpiranha

Great start to the series! Really solid logos so far, but I agree with the thin lines comments above. Normally, I'd say you NEED to thicken up the lines, but these work for me like they are as long as they are just on screen like in this thread. But if you really want to make them more authentic and actually able to be theoretically used, you'll need to simplify/thicken the linework on some of these. But these are probably the first thin-lined logos I've seen here that don't bother me.

And if you ever decide to expand the league, I vote for the sprawling city of Blind River to get a team.

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I really like that someone is doing an NBL Canada thread, and redoing some logos. I worked for the Windsor Express for their first year as a part of my schooling, and loved the direction of this league. I cant wait to see what youre going to do with the Express logo and London Lightning. Are you going to do a Cape Breton one (they have a news conference tuesday to announce a team).....On another note, on the NBLC website, they are looking for Social Media intern. I am not sure if this is going to be based out of Toronto (where the head office was), or London. But if anyone is in one of those areas, and are interested, take a look!

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To anyone following,

It's been awhile but I have completed all the teams and have made changes to the previous ones considering all comments and suggestions.

Hope you all appreciate them! Let me know what you think!











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@ArJay These concepts are excellent, especially the Highlanders (the original looks rather outdated), the Mill Rats, and the Express. However, the Mill Rats just changed their name/logo to the Saint John Riptide. Also, there is an expansion team the KW Titans and I thought you could do a lot with that. By the way, these logos look very professional. I would even contact the league!

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