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Invicta Football League


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The Invicta Flag Football League is a British league, that has recently been set up, and I have designed the logos for it. There are 6 teams in total, with rumours of a few more to be joining soon. I have already posted a few logos on this site for advice but I thought it would be good to show all the designs in one place. These designs are all finalised, but I still welcome C&C. I am pretty happy with them all (except the air raiders one - the team requested footballs as bombs which I didn't like designing). If I have some spare time I'll try and design jerseys for each of the teams, but I cannot guarantee it.








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The league logo is my favorite. The team logos look great, with just a few minor issues. Something about the football bombs on Ashford seems off to me. And the firestorm "M" is way too wide but that's not your fault. The "M" in Geared Slab was horribly designed. Doesn't fit with the font. If you can narrow it, might be worth doing.

Other than that, great stuff, nicely done.

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