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NFL Concepts - 4/32 - Cardinals


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As a Cleveland Browns Fan, I have a love hate relationship with the new uniforms. I tried to incorporate the good things they did and exclude the bad. I personally like the Cleveland word mark across the front. It just needs to be re sized. I went ahead and added the "rising" shadow from the numbers to the Cleveland word mark. The worst thing on the uniform in my opinion is the contrasting numbers on the home jersey. I went ahead and changed the numbers to white. One pretty major change I included was orange shoulder caps. Yes, I know no one likes shoulder caps but I think they look good here. I tried to focus on uniformity throughout the whole uniform. The helmet still has the same satin finish that it currently does. The brown face mask is okay, but I love white for the Browns.

And like the Miami Dolphins, I made a throwback for special occasions, mostly Thursday or Monday Night games. I based it off the uniforms of the Brian Sipe era:


So I will start off with the home uniforms:

rough photoshop of new uniforms to look like my concept.



Next is the away:


Now on to the orange alternate. I don't like the monochrome look but I added it just because.


Now here is the throwback. It is very similar to their old uniforms.


Thanks for Looking!

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For the re-designed uniforms, I would just go with the orange pants and brown socks with both the brown and white jerseys, and get rid of the orange jerseys. Besides, with the throwbacks (great-looking throwbacks by the way), there's no need for an alternate anyway. I also am happy you changed the facemasks back to white, and I would bring back the glossy finish for ALL NFL helmets.

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Thanks for all the comments on the Browns uni's! I had a long day of watching football and decided to bust out a Jaguars set. I went ahead and changed the only thing wrong with their current set In my opinion, the helmet.

The throwback was never worn and was originally proposed to be their uniforms in 1995. Don't they Look so 90's?

Here is the inspiration for the Throwbacks:










I went ahead and made an away version of the throwbacks like someone suggested.


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I love the leopard spotted shoulders. Wish those spots were visible in the away, and/or the yellow spotted shoulders remaining consistent among all the unis.

I like the brown set, although I wish they wore the white or brown pants with the orange alternate. Pants and jerseys should contrast.

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Up next is Tampa Bay. I like what they did with their new unis excluding the over sized helmet logo and the alarm clock numbers. I changed both of those things, and added a little italic to the number, I think it looks pretty good. Also did a creamcicle alternate and throwback. I did change the facemask to white, I think it looks better this way.

I didn't realize this till now but Winston isn't number 5 anymore... you get the point lol.









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