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College to Pro 2015: Wack Quarterbacks vol. 1


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Back in the original themed days, I generally posted rather rudimentary headers, but they did their jobs of showing the college uniforms being used as a base. Having not bothered with one in the last post because I assume most people here know what Texas' uniforms look like, I realized it was also something of an accidental callback to the very first C2P post, which also lacked a header, which I introduced in the followup post. So for the second post of what is something of a reboot, I bring back the infographic, such that it is, and decided to make it a bit less rudimentary by channeling one of my favorite football card sets: 1990 NFL Pro Set.

Quarterbacking. Not everybody's cut out for it. If all you needed was the ability to chuck it from LA to NY, Jeff George would somehow still be playing. :D If I didn't prefer to do these in fours, there'd be more, but anyway...in commemoration of those who couldn't live up to the hype...


Beginning with THE wack QB of the 90s, the inimitable Ryan Leaf


Some logos I've generally avoided due to either difficulty or awkwardness in potential switches. If you recall my Junior Seau tribute, I did a terrible job regarding USC and the Chargers. Turned out the answer was in the subtle approach, much like what I did in the Earl Campbell set. Washington State doesn't have a full-bodied cougar of the sort that would substitute for the lightning bolt...but they do have a script logo that worked just as well, simply giving it a crimson/gray outline while using a single outline for the bolt. Used the charger horse shield as a sleeve logo for the Bolts.

The first of two USC guys, the dance machine known as Matt Leinart


I've grown to hate the Cards' template, but that's not really here or there. A shame its true soulmate is Pitt's ugly rock panther and not the redbird it was intended to complement. Anyway, the unofficial catch phrase of College to Pro rears its head via the Cards uniform: These Things HappenTM

Mr. Buttfumble himself, the Sanchize


I've done a Jets-style USC before, but decided to put together a different mock-Jets oval for SC this time out. As the Jets don't have anything like SC's trojan head, I took the meat and potatoes out of the oval.

Finally, the 2000s' wack QB, Jamarcus Russell


Return of another C2P favorite, the mock Raider shield...and I may have slightly botched the arc on the Raiders side. And I didn't notice until now, but the Raiders wordmark partially vanished on me, so I'll be tweaking this one.

Comments appreciated, requests not so much...I got a few themes in mind for the next C2P, one being the All-Name Team (guys like Earthwind Moreland, D'Brickashaw Ferguson), another being Techies (guys who went to Va Tech, La Tech, GT, Texas Tech, et al), another giving some love to kickers and punters, and then I have a few "Wrong Uniform" guys in mind (like Johnny U on the Bolts or LaDainian Tomlinson with the Jets). In actuality, I have a list of bad running backs I have in mind too, but I don't wanna do Wack Xs too soon after Wack QBs.

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All of these are great, as usual. I think the Raiders arch works, as does the "Cougars" sleeve stripe. The highlight is the shoulder stripe on the USC jersey.

Thanks, though I figured there was something out there that would fit better: the Raiders' old end zone lettering. I redid it, though I was real close to going with OAKLAND instead...feelin like Robert Frost and that fork in the road.

These are really great, and it is very interesting. My only complaint would be to make the Jets an the Cardinals a little different. Otherwise, good work.

Thanks...though given that SC didn't change their uniform one iota between Leinart and Sanchez, and that nothing the latter's done as an Eagle has matched the Buttfumble in magnitude, the only way to have solved that issue would've been to exclude one in favor of Jeff George or Todd Marinovich, or somebody like that. Too late now though.

That Chargers concept is amazing.

Thank you kindly.

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