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Atlanta Hawks Concept


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This is my Hawks concept i made a while back before they unveiled the teams new uniforms.I forgot to post then so here it is now


I always liked the green and blue look it was unique and i ditched the current number font i never really was a fan of. It basically was my attempt at a combination of a couple Hawk's eras. Hope you all enjoy. C&C Welcome and appreciated.

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Cool I like it

Those colours look great. Think my favourite of the three is the alternate. Digging the 'ATL' script and the asymmetrical stripe.



From an environment-conscious perspective, I'm not the biggest fan of the identity rubbing so close to the Seattle Seahawks. Also, the design itself is too similar to the Sacramento Kings.

I never realized it resembled the Seahawks that much until now but Atlanta did have have this color scheme and name A couple of years before the Seahawks were even around and it is the kings template just modified it a little so it doesn't look exactly the same. The idea was to have the side striping represent the "fast moving wings of a hawk" in a way. I thought it fit Atlanta better than the Kings anyway.

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I really like this. Looks both clean and classic. And I didn't think Seahawks at all when looking at the color scheme. My only suggestion is maybe using "Atlanta" on the road uni. Well done. Very nice design.

Thanks! and here's the "Atlanta" version of the road uniform


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Good jerseys but i don't like the onesided stripes they should be on both sides

Thanks! and It's onesided to mimic this jersey with a modern twist


plus lots of nba teams have used one sided jerseys Hornets, Nets, 90's Wizards etc...

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