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Hockey logo concepts (Minor leagues)


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Hey guys!

As my last post was full of comments and help, I thought about some new logos to make: They aren't perfect, not in the best quality, but I want to know if you like my ideas and how I could make it better.

Here's what came to my mind for San Jose Barracuda (AHL): They really need an update IMO, with a connection to their affiliate so I tried this


Next I tried one for Ontario Reign, as their name is a bit of everything but still nothing, I chose the emperor and used him


The next one is Québec Remparts, whose logo always seemed to me like a bird but not a wall so:


The last and weakest one is Halifax. The Moosehead brewery owned the team a long time but no more so the logo that is really close to the brewery's one needs a change:


Thank you for every comment and help!

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San Jose: font is impossible to read, the triangle doesn't need two borders, and the lines need to be smoothed up. try putting the city above the triangle and just the team name inside, and go with either a teal or orange triangle to make the fish/letters stand out.

Ontario: the highly detailed, sharp lined LA crown at the top clashes with the lesser detailing and rounded edges of the rest of the logo. Fonts are once again impossible to read because of both physical and colour overlap, and the font feels like "discount Game of Thrones" than a sports logo. Try having the emperor wearing the LA Kings crown instead, and draw a more angular face to match (use Senators, Patriots logos as reference). The shield also needs work, try looking at different shield/sigil shapes than this generic one. I'd do checkerboard for the background, the two tone is weird. Try making the outline better with either a rivet pattern or a second thin white outline on either side, and smooth out the lines.

Quebec: remove the white and add more red. The words on the left and right need to be the same size. Try making it Remparts on one side and de Quebec on the other to balance out. The fleur should be on the side of the tower; it looks empty now and the roundel is crowded.

Halifax: The tiny city name does not go with the massive H, it needs to go. In fact, the whole roundel feels unnecessary. If you want a front facing moose, use the antlers as the "bridge" of the H. Lose the yellow, make the outline red/green and use the other colour for the H. The moose's antlers have way too many horns, keep it simple. His facial features also get lost, they need to be larger/more defined. Use Manitoba as reference.

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