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Texas Rangers

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Overall, I like these quite a bit. While I think of the Rangers to be a "blue team", I do like idea of making them different, and not another red/blue MLB team. The rust color looks pretty solid, although the colors as a whole might be a little too dark, especially with the khaki road uniforms.

A few thoughts:

- The wordmark and NOB are really busy, specifically on the home and road. I'd eliminate the inner-outline on both...so it'd just be the wordmark with the blue outline. This is one of my biggest gripes with the Rangers' current set, too.

- I think the navy alternate jersey would look better with some more navy in the uniform. A navy cap would look really sharp, but it'd be an odd one with this overall set. Maybe just a navy brim?

- The "DFW" cap seems a little out of place, honestly. I understand why it's there, but it's just really strange for a team that plays in Arlington and goes by Texas to have a Dallas Fort Worth hat.

- I like the idea behind the BP jersey, but it's a little too much for me (I'm also an admitted baseball uniform traditionalist). The state outline looks great on the chest, but I'd be inclined to reduce the rust pattern to just a side panel to simplify the jersey.

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Although I hate the stereotypical "oh, it's Texas, so it MUST be brown and dusty" colors... I have to admit, it looks pretty good.

Better than most other sets I've seen.

Agreed, it's a little tired. With that said, these designs are anything but. Really inspiring work. It's very different from anything else currently in the MLB. It's a great look for my favorite team.

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I actually like these better than the Rangers' current uniforms. The road set is my favorite one. I assume you were aiming for a Longhorns-type look with that burnt orange color?

My only issue is that in a vacuum these uniforms work, but in real life they would be too similar in color to the rival Astros.

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