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Madden football logo concepts


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I decided to show some of the logos I've made for my own enjoyment. I started making logos when I found out you could do custom teams on Madden 07, and it was more satisfying to make my own than use the pre-made ones.

I make all my logos in the program PowerPoint by using the curve tool. It's a painstaking process, but I like the result usually.

Here's one of them for starters,

It's a logo for a team I'm working on called the Aces.


This is the main logo


And this is the logo I used for the helmet and endzone.

Criticism and tips are appreciated.

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If this is what yo're doing with PowerPoint, I can't imagine what you'd accomplish with Inkscape or Illustrator! These look pretty top-notch. The only real criticisms I have are to work on the symmetry of the pilot and he shape of his scarf. The scarf is looking a little angle-y and odd all the way to the left.

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It looks a little sloppy, and that's okay. It looks like his face is really shiny. I get that this is done in powerpoint and this is awesome, but you may want to look into a program designed for making logos. Good Job.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm gonna start with Jake3.roo.

I get that this is done in powerpoint and this is awesome, but you may want to look into a program designed for making logos.

Well, that isn't top priority now. And considering that this is only a hobby, I'm just going to use what I have :)

I've only made logos for about 1 month now, so I'm a little rough around the edges, but granted, I have room to improve.

It looks a little sloppy, and that's okay.

I can probably fix that when I go over the logo one more time. Hand tracing each individual shape with a mouse isn't exactly ideal.

But, I was kind of rushing, so....yeah.

I would eliminate the scarf completely.

Eh....I'd rather not. Like GoNordiques says, I think it gives the aviator feel. However I will probably get rid of the flying portion of the scarf, or at least tweak it.

Will you post uniforms?

Hmmm....Never really thought about that :D Maybe once the logo's finalized, I'll give a crack at it.

the propeller perspective is off, it's on an angle when it should be more vertical.

I don't think I'll redo the props any time soon, since it is relatively minor, but thanks for the advice.

as mentioned before it just sticks out too much.

I agree. I will definitely fix that my next go of it.

Again thank you all for the tips. They are appreciated ;)

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Again, thank you all for replying. Much appreciated.

I'll answer some of your questions,

Better. With the scarf you're dealing with something that is expected to be free flowing. This helps keep the focus on a static object.

Thanks! That's what I was going for.

I'd maybe punch the color up a little more. It's a bit muddy.

Mm...I don't know...I kind of like the look it has going. But I'll come up with a different version with more distinguishable colors another time ;)

You should definitely get Illustrator.

I'd like to sometime. Right now it is out of my budget.

Any plans on the word mark?

Unfortunately no. I need to come up with a good city to go with it first. So far I've gone through all of my texts and I didn't see one that really fit. If anyone has ideas or suggestions for that let me know :)

Plane is unarmed. No guns in the wings. Ace pilot status is not achieved without the ability to defend.

Um *cough* No comprendo senor. This is a logo....not an actual plane. Besides, all the photos I looked at of planes in this particular angle....don't have visible guns. Besides, I think that would detract from the logo really. some planes didn't even have guns sticking out visibly. most had holes in the wings from which the guns could shoot. And from my logos angle they wouldn't be visible....really.

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I've come up with another concept recently.

This is kind of like what you would call a "rough draft"

The team is called the Lancaster Gents



The one with the words is a little crappy now....I'll have to fix it. But that's the idea I had for the text.

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Thanks guys.

I really like the color scheme. If you do jerseys for the gents, make them purple and keep em classy

Of course :D

Inkscape is free and even comes with a built-in tutorial

Hmm...didn't know that. Maybe I'll try it sometime.

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Thank you both for the nice comments.

I love your ideas here, man.

The Gents logo is near perfect.... but the eye bugs me. I think it should be lowered slightly, as right now it looks like it's been added to the hair/shadow.

Thanks. Funny, the eye actually was part of the hair/shadow :D . I'll adjust it when I redraw the logo.

These are really great!

I absolutely agree, you should get inkscape ... you can do even more quality stuff there! You can even turn other graphics into vectors and change them up to use as a draft/baseline, scan in drawings, or just start from scratch. Really top-notch program.


I guess I'll get it :) But I think I'll still work with Powerpoint.

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