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Montreal Expos

Lights Out

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Beautiful. Crisp, stays true to the original designs, and looks like it'd fit right in with today's MLB. My favorite thing here would probably be having a powder-blue away jersey in place of a grey one - because, let's face it, there are few good grey jerseys. I assume the red alt is for Canada Day only, but I'd honestly prefer it as the second alt over the blue "Montreal" jersey. That one having powder-blue pants just makes it look cobbled together to me, and the fleur-de-lis being the same color as the jersey does it no favors, either. Another thing is that the pinwheel cap should also be used on the blue Expos alt instead of just the standard home... but then again, these are all nitpicks. 9.5/10 concepts. Thumbs up, thumbs up all the way.

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I like the idea of the powder blue, just not that shade, and is the home hat the original pinwheel? If so I think it'd go well with the home blue alt

Agreed on the powder blue. Maybe it's my monitor playing tricks on me, but it looks almost like that weird shade of silver the Cowboys wear.

Slight change on that, though, and you've got a 12/10 look, Lights Out. Love it.

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