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MLB 2016 Changes


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4 hours ago, McCarthy said:

I don't know why we're even having this discussion about the 1970's wordmark when the current script is far superior and (to my knowledge) in no way disrespectful to NA groups aside from the tender issue that it reads "Indians". The obvious solution is just to break from all Native American imagery, 1970's wordmark and cap logo included, and go with the block C in a roundel or something as the primary logo. It'd be boring, but then the logo problem would be solved. 


The argument came from discussion of the crappy current block C, with one person suggesting the 70's C, which some said were offensive because it was in the style of the wordmark worn under it.


Actually, the more I think of that... the more I think it's all wrong.  I don't think it's an offensive stereotype and I don't think it's a Western thing.


As I searched to try to get some information behind the font, I found that such style fonts were most associated with camp, which is true.  It's a style that exists because in early applications it was either used as a carving or actually made out of straight sticks.


camp-anawanna-lg.gif Camp_chippewa.jpg


This makes sense, because carving curves or bending wood wastes time.  It's out of necessity.  When you see people carving initials into a tree, it's usually in this style.


What does this have to do with Native imagery?  Well, due to Native imagery tending to be linked to survivalism and nature, things that go back to the early settlers learning survival tactics from the Natives, the same camps that used the font also used Native imagery.  I think that's why the two are linked, not because it looks primitive or is insulting at all.  I don't think it's an offensive stereotype.  It's inaccurate, true.  It's more on the line of William Wallace wearing Pict-style blue paint in Braveheart than Rochester on the Jack Benny show stopping his chores to partake in a dice game with his trusty razor blade keeping him safe.


On a side note, earlier rounding up of teams using Native imagery forgot a big one...



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