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MLB 2016 Changes


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Okay. I was hyper-focused on the Padres since they interested me more and we seemed to be getting more puzzle pieces with them. Now that that's done and gone, I figured I'd sift through what I could figure out on Arizona. From Nordiques' hints, here's what I put together:

-Six uniforms

-Colors will be sedona red, black, and turquoise, with sand being present only as a part of logos (I assume that to include wordmarks).

-Turquoise will only be on SOME uniforms.

-There will be a black jersey and cap involved.

-The wordmarks arch.

-The D-Backs script is on three uniforms.

-The original snakehead will be returning as an alternate.

-Snakeskin will be sublimated on the uniforms.

-The Snake D will be around "as an alternate logo", likely meaning it will only be on marketing and not the uniforms.

So here's a little thing I threw together based on this, a possible vision of what these new uniforms will offer. Hopefully Nordiques can give us some hints as to whether I'm hot or cold.


Disclaimer, I'm just going by what I've heard. Lord knows I wouldn't go in this direction myself if I were making a concept.

EDIT: The sublimated pattern is present on the black uniform, but it's hard to see because of how dark it is. It's the same pattern as the others.

I like it

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As a Brewers fan, I choked on the end of that sentence. :P

I like the Brewers and I can't say I love their current unis but can it compare to the worst Reebok Edge disasters? The Buccaneers, Browns, color rash uniforms, the Jaguars helmets? The Clippers, sleeved jerseys and every NBA utterly stupid alts? Even the worst MLB looks are still miles ahead of the other sports worst (or even just bad ones) because of the fact that stupid trends haven't been around yet and MLB is as classy as it has ever been. It might change tonight...

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honestly we should wait and see... IMHO not EVERY team needs to look like the classic teams.... one team out of 30 can be a bit out there... wish they would have turquoise road unis like the old powder blues

Without question they need turquoise and furthermore ditch the GD red and go back to purple. Red is BORING and unoriginal. Every other team is red. Eck.

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