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MLB Alternate Universe


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A little over a year ago, I made a concept of the modern day Philadelphia Athletics. In the thread, I mentioned I wanted to do a series of an "alternate universe" featuring teams who had stayed instead of moves (Or moved instead of stayed).

Unlike some alternate universe threads, I'm not going to follow my own alternate universe ideas, just ideas for teams who may have relocated (Or not relocated)

Included as a teaser before I get very into this is the home uniform for the 1980s Tampa White Sox.

The Tampa area was a much-rumored spot for relocation throughout the late 80s. The White Sox were one of the rumored teams.


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Love it! I'm happy to see this series return in some form!

Other relocations I'd like to see (that very nearly happened):

- Los Angeles Browns

- Chicago Athletics

- Washington Padres

- Denver Pirates

- Toronto Giants

- Seattle White Sox

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The White Sox had stopped wearing those uniforms by the time Illinois approved funding for New Comiskey Park. They probably wouldn't have rolled back to them. Back to the drawing board.

I've got to agree on this one. I'd try something based around this set, with the obvious Tampa alterations:


As for the uniforms you've presented, I like the road set a lot more than the home set. It functions more with the whole "beach blanket" aesthetic more, even with the powder blue additions (which would work more if they were incorporated more throughout the set). The home set looks somewhat sloppy, what with the "TAMPA" script and the repetition of the "SOX-batterman" logo. I'd say it's a good start, but it could use some extensive revision.

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Oh I Have an Idea can you do If When Major League Baseball absorbed PCL for these Major League Teams: Los Angeles Stars (was Hollywood Stars), Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Oaks, Sacramento Solons, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Seals, Seattle Rainiers (or Mariners if late 70's)?

And What about if the Houston Colt .45's survive Today if they can't change their name to the Astros?

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