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Reno Bears Soccerccer

Zac Seidemann

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Before it was announced that Reno was to get a U.S.L. team, I had the idea that when Sacramento became a M.L.S. their affiliate would be in Reno. so I came up with the idea that they would be called the Bears. the reason for that was because the team in Sacramento used a bear in their logo.


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Uhh yea. confused. Where bear?

also even if it is ripped off, don't understand significance of the cannon.

and just the layout of it is extremely non-soccer-y.

Um arsenal

Also I do understand the significance

Well executed




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I get waht you guys are saying and do apreceate the coments. the reason for the cannon is because NEVADA is the "battle born" state. plus my faverate team is Arsenal. I just wanted to try and combine them. but if you guys think that there should be a bear in there, I'll try it.

Oh, well that does make a bit more sense. Helps if you put that in the explanation, I know the critiquing is meant to be on design, but its hard when you don't understand the meaning behind the symbolism.

Yeah I would say you kinda need to pick one or the other. If it's bears, have a bear, if its cannons have a cannon. They only way you could MAYBE have both is if you call it Reno FC, and then like someone said, maybe have bears as shield bearers(no pun intended).

The battle born thing is cool, but I would do you best not to rip off arsenal or the blue jackets as much as possible.

Also, don't take the comments personally, the standard can be set pretty high on here, but the goal is generally to be constructive. Good luck.

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Did you seriously not notice any of these spelling errors? You misspelled "believe" and you still haven't edited the titleitle. I can't take this work seriously if you can't.

Something tells me this is a younger lad. Try not to be too hard on him, we all started somewhere.

I would really recommend upgrading Zac, I know people say a good craftsman never blames his tools, but there are exceptions to that rule.

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