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Gold: 36

Silver: 8

Bronze: 6

Really good stuff out of these. LOVE what’s going on in 36 from top to bottom, and also really like what’s done in 8. 6 is clean, and would be a perfect complement to the Lakers’ set.

Honorable mentions to 1, 10, 15 and 37 — all solid work just outside my top three.

Glad to see this thing back!

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Nowdo one Logo olympiad style XD :3

Bruh. You're pushing your luck a little too much.

but medals r cool

Uh-oh guys, looks like we have another Cody21/looooooogodude on our hands.

Anyway, great job all around fellas. I didn't get a chance to participate in this one, but I hope to get in the ring for the upcoming competitions.

Based on the requirements, I feel as though these logos fit their respective teams perfectly as alternate logos:

Gold: 36

Silver: 28

Bronze: 37

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Nicely-done, everyone! Almost across the board, each entry did something interesting with the team name, brought in some local flavor, or reflected some unique take on an alternate idea. The depth of ideas presented, no matter the final level of polish, was inspiring!

My understanding of the challenge was to create an alternate logo that could potentially take the place of the current primary. With that in mind, I vote

Gold: 28

Silver: 8


Among a lot of great entries, these others are top-quality but more, in my opinion, like secondary logos: 6, 36, 1

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Big round of applause for all the contestants! Here are the medals!


We have a tie for the bronze medal! Bronze medals go to officeglenn, for Entry 10, and rsaline for Entry 28.


The silver medal goes to Lights Out, for Entry 6.


And the gold medal goes to Conrad., for Entry 36!

Please copy the medals and host them on your account if you want to add them to your signature.

List of participants and points tally:


2 packerfan21396

3 steveCRO

4 TheLogoManiac13

5 llfhockey

6 Lights Out

7 DelayedPenalty

8 OmegaRed

9 FFWally

10 officeglenn

11 Jean17

12 BlackBolt3

13 3pointtally

14 Jabel777

15 McElroy19

16 hettinger_rl

17 panthers_2012

18 ZionEagle

19 miltonANDlumbergh

20 next_gen_uniforms

21 GoNordiques

22 pitt6pack

23 ECAdesign

24 macalesterscots

25 suplauren

26 levijeromeSF

27 ECUFan25

28 rsaline

29 JTswag187


31 Whittier S

32 TCutt

33 Pulv!

34 LexAeterna

35 dsaline97

36 Conrad.

37 obiwantok


Full album here

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Thanks so much to all who voted for me :)

Great stuff by all competitors, but I'm happy to take home the victory. :winner:

Also, good idea to put all the entries in an album. I was actually thinking that maybe you could put all the entries for the next vote into a Google Drive folder for people to easily view all together.

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