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Nike Does Big Ten


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Illinois: Home, Away, Orange

Indiana: Home, Away, Cream

Iowa:Home, Away, Black


Michigan: Home, Away

Michigan State: Home, Away, Alternate

Minnesota:Home, Away, Gold

Nebraska: Home, Away, Whiteout, Blackout, Redout

Northwestern: Home, Away, Purpleout, Purple/Black, Black/Purple

Ohio State: Home, Away, White, Grey, Black

Penn State: Home, Away

Purdue:Home, Away, Home 2, Away 2, Gold, Blackout

Rutgers: Home, Away, Blackout, Redout, Black/Red

Wisconsin: Home, Away

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Are tOSU's helmet stickers supposed to have no white on them, or is it just implied? I think the straight up buckeye leaves look pretty cool, but I'd only wers them as a one-off. I like tradition.

Also, I can't wait for you to do Nebraska! :)

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Wow yeah this presentation is incredible. Any way I could get my hands on the template?

Thanks. The template will be available eventually but I still have a few projects that I wanna use it for. Ill let you know when Im ready to give it away.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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