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Oldschoolviking's college football concepts - Ohio State added


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10 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:

Looking at this hurricane symbol;






And, obviously, the San Diego L. A. Chargers, I came up with this;



How about gold instead of red for the alt? I don't think they really use red as more than a trim IRL.

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8 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:


I thought about it, but honestly, I can't think of one Vegas gold jersey that works.


Plus, there's this;


Wow, I'd never seen that before. I'd never seen them wear red anything for that matter. Seems like the Golden Hurricane should wear gold, but you're right that Vegas gold doesn't work for jerseys generally - they would need a deeper and richer shade. I'm so sick of Vegas gold.

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So I came across a few old images of Johnny Unitas from his college days t Louisville...




Admittedly, it is not  much to go on, but since I hate Louisville's current uniform set, I thought I'd try out a fauxback;




Pretty simple, I know, but this is a team that could certainly use some simplification.

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5 hours ago, Dan O'Mac said:

I love the return of silver to the Colorado set. One thing I don't like is the white in the pants stripe on the black pants. To me, with the rest of the set, it looks like that should be silver as well.


Yeah, the white stripe there isn't my favorite part either, but it kind of ended up there by default.  I tried the silver, but I found that particular gold and silver just can't touch. There was zero contrast and the just mushed together.  Maybe a black inner stripe?  Go gold/black/gold stripe on the black pants? 

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