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Pac-12 Football Redesign


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Arizona State Sun Devils

Home // Road

Arizona Wildcats

Home // Road // Alternate

California Golden Bears

Home // Home 2 // Road // Road 2 // Alternate

Colorado Buffaloes

Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Home 4 // Road // Road 2 // Road 3 // Whiteout // Alternate // Alternate 2 // All Gray

Oregon Ducks

Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Road // Road 2 // Road 3 // Alternate // Alternate 2 // Alternate 3 // Blackout

Oregon State Beavers

Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Road // Road 2 // Alternate // Alternate 2

Stanford Cardinal

Home // Road

UCLA Bruins

Home // Road // Whiteout

USC Trojans

Home // Road

Utah Utes

Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Road // Road 2 // Road 3 // Alternate // Alternate 2 // Alternate 3

Washington Huskies

Home // Road // Road 2 // Whiteout

Washington State Cougars

Home / Home 2 // Road // Road 2 // Alternate // Alternate 2

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Arizona State: No complaints.

Arizona: The red color looks a little off, more tomato and less cherry than it should be to put it in fruit terms.

Cal: Again, no complaints. Nice clean look.

Colorado: Throw in a black helmet and pants for the road set.

Oregon: Take the gradient off the logo and numbers, and you have what might be the best Oregon concept I've ever seen.

Oregon State: I don't really get what's going on with the sleeve stripes, just get rid of that weird twist.

Stanford: Can't view it

UCLA: Gorgeous. Can't understand why they don't do this.

USC: The little modernization in there works. Nice job.

Utah: Like the others said, bring back the mountain, and I'd add that you should remove the piping.

UW: Words can't begin to describe how I feel when I see my Dawgs in the perfect uniforms. Bravo.

WSU: I don't like the Cougars, but I have to say there are a lot of ways to mess them up, and you didn't go for them. Nice work.

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Wow, is this a college unifrom concept that's well put together? I didn't think they existed on these boards. Gonna go through each one and critique.

ASU: perfect, though I think a maroon helmet would be nice

UA: Great, but I'm a bit mixed on whether the gradient stripes should be on the shoulders or not. Feels like a bit overkill, but it looks ok at the same time.

Cal: Perfect

Colorado: I think a silver jersey would be cool, but otherwise great, if a bit obvious.

Oregon: Really not feeling the gradient. I also don't think the wing pattern on the shoulders translates well to how you represented it, but I think on an actual uniform it'd look great. Call me crazy, but I think a blackout alternate would be cool. That's basically a yearly tradition for oregon, and it would be weird to not have that in the unifrom set.

Oregon State: Perfect, I actually like that notch, but I think orange pants would be great.

Stanford: can't view

UCLA: perfect, love that the whiteout set is there

USC: great, but i feel that pattern on the pants is a bit overused in USC conceps I've seen

Utah: agree with the others, major downgrade, just do a restart here. I like that you kept the black jersey though.

Washington: really awesome, but I'd add the pants stripes to the purple pants

WSU: not feeling the grey jersey, otherwise I really like it

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Please do a BlackOut ULCA uniform with the Black Helmet and the same for Washington Huskies

OOOOOOOH !, By the way ! Great Stuff so far !

How "Bout doing the Big Ten Teams ????

NOOO!!! No black for Washington or UCLA. That is the very definition of BFBS.
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I suggest you post the actual pictures in this site instead of creating links for every single concept. It is extremely tedious to click on all of the links (you are at 64 currently). Don't make us work to see your concepts; proudly show them here. Make them easily accessible.

In addition, if you do another conference, I suggest you post one or two at a time. Seeing 12 teams at once keeps me from really focusing on each design, and I don't have any feedback to give on specific concepts. If you post one or two at a time (and show the concepts directly in your posts), I think you will receive more feedback.

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I really like what you have done here so far. One thing I suggest is to til the Oregon State helmet logo downards. I like the pant stripe you gave USC; I think it makes their uniforms more unique. I'm a little indifferent on the wing gradients for Oregon. I think they look good, but I think they'd look better as solid colors. I like what you did with Utah (it appears it was vastly different now than it was before, judging by the comments) and I really love UCLA and Arizona State. I like the number font that you used for UCLA; it's what they should always use. And I like the striping and overall design you did for ASU. I always liked the fading stripes for Arizona, so I'm glad you used those. Overall, they look really good and I'd love to see you do other conferences, even G5 :) My main piece(s) of criticism would be what davidmiller5 and Clintau24 both said.

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