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Another great turnout for this event: 31 entries in total! Only one was disqualified.

The requirements for this event were:

Once again, were going back in time! For this event, you have to create a vintage look for NHL teams that have joined the league after 1990 as if they had joined the league as part of the biggest NHL expansion of 1967.

The teams you can work with are: San Jose Sharks (1991), Ottawa Senators (1992), Tampa Bay Lightning (1992), Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1993), Florida Panthers (1993), Nashville Predators (1998), Atlanta Thrashers (1999), Minnesota Wild (2000), and Columbus Blue Jackets (2000).

  • The city and the team name must remain the same.
  • You can keep the same colors or go a completely different way.
  • You need to provide one colored uniform set (not white), consisting of a jersey and socks. Do NOT provide any equipment.
  • You also need to provide a new primary logo with the uniform.
  • Your primary logo should look like a logo designed in 1967.
List your 3 favorites, ranked 1, 2, 3.

The vote closes on Monday, October 26th, 11:59AM Eastern Time (three days from now).

Voting is now over.


Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

Entry 7

Entry 8

Entry 9

Entry 10

Entry 11

Entry 12

Entry 13

Entry 14

Entry 15

Entry 16

Entry 17

Entry 18

Entry 19

Entry 20

Entry 21

Entry 22

Entry 23

Entry 24

Entry 25

Entry 26

Entry 27

Entry 28

Entry 29

Entry 30

Disqualified Entry

ECUFan25's entry is disqualified because there are no socks on the presentation.


The voting will be open to public voting once the event is officially over. Once the finalists have been posted in the event thread, voting will be open for 3 days.

Judging is open to all board members registered BEFORE October 1st. This is to ensure no one is voting for themselves under an alternate login.

Members may vote once per event and may not vote for their own entry (I'll know if you did, and will not count your vote). You may not disclose the identity of any of the designers of the entries until voting closes.

Voting will be via the 3-2-1 points method. Voters will be asked to post their choice for a gold, silver and bronze winner. Gold votes are worth 3 points, Silver worth 2, Bronze worth 1.

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WOW, this was an even harder decision than Event 1. Not just at the top, but everyone in the middle looked pretty good too.

My top 3:

  1. Entry 24 (most out-of-the-box for the top entries I was considering)
  2. Entry 14 (the fact that it trades the Ducks' history of unique color schemes for a Maple Leafs/Lightning-esque blue&white knocks it down to 2nd for me)
  3. Entry 6 (the logo is what I love the most, with the sweater design looking like it could fit even earlier than 1967)

Major props for pulling off 60s charm:

  • Entry 19
  • Entry 8
  • Entry 22 (probably would've been my 4th place vote)

Other honorable mentions:

  • Entry 26
  • Entry 27
  • Entry 13 (maybe a bit too modern for my vote?)
  • Entry 12 (not the highest-res entry, but still respectable)
  • Entry 11 (only in the 60s)
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