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The American Baseball Association; a history of a fictional league


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Heeeeeello Humans, after reading thru Veras, FFwally, and Hawkfan's fictional,sports leagues I decided to create my own. I recently had downloaded Out Of The Park Baseball (OOTP) it's a baseball simulater. After 2 weeks of playing I realized I could create a fictional league. So I decided to make a fictional league with real teams (weird) thanks to Wikipedia I found some old defunct baseball teams from the 1880s and decided to make a story from that

The year was 1888

With the growing popularity of baseball meant opportunity. Leagues such as the NL, AA, and UL were growing in national popularity. Many businessmen noticed the opportunity and took it. One of such businessmen was looking into starting a full Major League, that businessman was Derek Kuster owner of the Louisville Admirals baseball team. Kuster's Admirals had recently dominated the Kentucky Baseball League, winning the championship each of the last 5 years. Kuster, along with 7 other businessmen decided to create their own league, thus the American Baseball Association was born

(Ps as of now I do not have the means of creating logos and jerseys for the teams so you are just going to use your imagination for now. Plus it makes it more realistic since teams didn't have any distinguishing marks back then, except for their socks)

Current teams

Louisville Admirals

Toledo Blue Sox

Columbus Buckeyes

Brooklyn Gladiators

Indianapolis Hoosiers

Cleveland Spiders

Kansas City Cowboys

Rochester Broncos

Philadelphia Tigers

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Louisville Admirals

Starting Rotation

1 Elroy Kuusisto

2 Josh Atkinson

3 John Hood


Stan Pippin

Vince Moore


1 Robert Henderson

2 Chrish Smith

3 Chad Draper

4 Ken Norbury

5 Max Hamilton

6 Alejandro Alaniz

7 Scotty Larson

8 Scot Blanchard

Toledo Blue Sox

Starting Rotation

1 Errol James

2 Johnny Anderson

3 David Matson


Leo Dye

Brad Ray


1 Daniel Nadr

2 Ken Hathaway

3 Frank Simon

4 Dale Roy

5 Brian Conder

6 Alberto Martinez

7 Robbie Reed

8 Tony O'Rorke

Columbus Buckeyes

Starting rotation

1 Norm Huggins

2 Britt Moore

3 Artie Chandler


Randall Sanford

Dan Walker


1 Ron Pate

2 Pat Wilson

3 John Stinson

4 Ryan McFadden

5 Cain Pinney

6 Rafael Costello

7 Jay McCray

8 Robert Allan

Indianapolis Hoosiers

Starting rotation

1 Darren Meyers

2 Jack Pitts

3 Cory Wheeler


Justin Hamilton

Jesse Thompson


1 Larry Harvey

2 Dan O'Sullivan

3 Juan Rivera

4 Al Conner

5 Peter Stone

6 Burton Dundee

7 PJ Johnstone

8 Ben Walker

Cleveland Spiders

Starting rotation

1 Nathan Davis

2 Jerry Ellison

3 Joe Ashley


Brian Pratt

Chris Watson


1 Larry Adair

2 Carlos Gallegos

3 David Palmer

4 Mac Bucholson

5 Bill Helms

6 Thad Lucero

7 Emilio Gonzáles

8 Joel Yoder

Kansas City Cowboys

Starting rotation

1 Ken McCoy

2 Terry Fleming

3 Dan Kelley


Collin Anderson

Nick Rowe


1 Lawrence Stevens

2 Wesly Bishop

3 Nick Huffman

4 Zack Cummings

5 Jorge Chávez

6 Terry Bailey

7 Desi Kinney

8 Alan Jefferson

Brooklyn Gladiators

Starting rotation

1 Travis Foxworthy

2 Pancho Ojeda

3 Chris Gibson


Colin Watson

Gonzalo Ramirez


1 Pat Wright

2 Kelvin Green

3 Dusty Kerwin

4 Bobby Mitchell

5 Chris Summers

6 Steve Nichols

7 Bob Dale

8 Edmund Locke

Rochester Broncos

Starting rotations

1 Dusty Donnelly

2 Roy O'Neil

3 Steven Byers


Chris Barks

William Johnston


1 Brian Malone

2 Waylon Smith

3 William Atkins

4 Juan Sousa

5 Chris Johnson

6 Greg George

7 Carl Hall

8 Alejandro Rodriguez

The first season will be up later today

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Right from the beginning everyone knew this was going to be a 3 team race between Cleveland, Brooklyn, and Toledo. Home runs were quiet common in the ABA unlike other leagues, two players hit for 21 homers; Louisville's Chad Draper, 27, and Cleveland's David Palmer, 28. One could say the ABA was the bizzaro baseball league as only 1 player hit over 330 and there were 17 players with 10 or more home runs. On the pitching side it was game of its own between Cleveland and Brooklyn, in the triple crown categories Clevelands Nathan Davis lead in ERA and Wins, but Brooklyns Foxworthy and Ojeda were always close behind. Strikeouts were the only main pitching category Cleveland didn't have a pitcher lead, Brooklyn's Foxworthy took the crown at 239 (in 410 innings) followed by teammate Ojeda, and then Clevelands Davis. By the end of the season it was a two team race between Cleveland and Brooklyn, Toledo had fallen to 6th. The season ended with Cleveland gaining the best league record by 1 game


1 Cleveland Spiders 88-53 .624

2 Brooklyn Gladiators 87-54 .617

3 Columbus Buckeyes 77-63 .550

4 Louisville Admirals 72-68 .514

5 Indianapolis Hoosiers 65-75 .464

6 Toledo Blue Sox 59-81 .421

7 Rochester Broncos 57-83 .407

8 Kansas City Cowboys 56-84 .400

The owners decided upon a 1 game championship at the end of the season with the two best teams, those teams will be The Cleveland Spiders vs the Brooklyn Gladiators

I will have coverage of the championship game later in the day

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Very nice idea, good work.

Thanks, I thought it was about time someone did a baseball one

Very nice start so far.

Will Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, St Louis or the Twin Cities have teams in this league? Or do those cities already have teams in other leagues?

While I don't want to spoil anything I do have Baltimore, Chicago, Philly, and the Twin Cities planned to come into the league within the next couple of seasons. Cinci will likely not get a team due to the close proximity to Louisville, and the league does not want to have teams in cities that have a lot of established teams, such as Boston's case also. Pittsburgh will eventually get a team I'm not sure when tho. And Detroit, Boston and St Louis I'm not sure about. I have only the first couple decades planned and only the first season simulated so I'm not sure about all of the future teams

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The moment you've all been waiting for. Here is the game log of the 1888 championship game


October 17th, 1888

Brooklyn Gladiators vs Cleveland Spiders

The American Baseball Association Championship Game

Pitchers Travis Foxworthy, BRO, vs Nathan Davis, CLE.

Underdog, Brooklyn

The game went scoreless through the first three innings, until Brooklyn's Steve Nichols hit a sacrifice fly to right field scoring Bobby Mitchell

Brooklyn wasn't done, in the 6th they scored 3 runs behind 2 costly errors by Cleveland. BROOKLYN 4 CLEVELAND 0

Cleveland wasn't done scoring 3 runs in the next two innings. BROOKLYN 4 CLEVELAND 3

Cleveland's starter Davis continued to stand on the mound onto the 9th inning, where he gave up a run but then struck out 2 consecutive batters to strand three runners on base. BROOKLYN 5 CLEVELAND 3

Last chance for Cleveland. With the bases loaded 2 outs, a run already scored in the inning, Thad Lucero steps up to the plate, he struck out on 6 pitches


Player of the Game Travis Foxworthy, Brooklyn, pitcher. 9 innings 11 hits 4 runs (3earned) 0 walks 4 strikeouts 139 pitches and 94 pitch strikes

Total attendance 1,982

1888 season champions, Brooklyn Gladiators

- Charlie Christiansson

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So since I can nit create logos I thought I would at least say the color of their sox (that was how people knew what team was what until the 30s)

Louisville Admirals; navy blue

Toledo Blue Sox; light blue

Columbus Buckeyes; white

Cleveland Spiders; black

Indianapolis Hoosiers; yellow

Brooklyn Gladiators; purple

Rochester Broncos; red

Kansas Coty Cowboys; brown

Again sorry I can't create logos right now hopefully before Christmas I can create logos and jerseys for all the teams. As for now, you can use your imaginations

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I really don't thing you will need logos and unis until like early 19something. I like how you really break down the championship.

I have thought about that with the logos thing, I thought I would write the championships in news article form for fun

in other news

The Philadelphia Tigers baseball club, previously of the UL, has decided to join the ABA. Despite all 8 current team owners all voting against Philly's merge, the Tigers owner supposedly bribed 6 of the 8 owners to allow their merger. Or so the conspiracists say

In case your wondering the Tigers sox color is orange

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1888 awards

1888 ABA Pitcher of the Year Award goes to Nathan Davis, Cleveland, 32-12 414.2 innings 203 K's 1.65 ERA

2nd place Jerry Ellison, Cleveland

3rd place Travis Foxworthy, Brooklyn

1888 ABA Slugger of the Year Award goes to Kelvin Green, Brooklyn, .312 avg 182 hits 141 games 18 HR 92 RBIs 104 Runs

2nd place Larry Adair, Cleveland

3rd place Dusty Kerwin, Brooklyn

1889 preview

1888 was dominated by Brooklyn and Cleveland. With the joining of Philly it already looks like it's going to be a 3 team race between them. Louisville, Columbus and Indianapolis will try to improve on decent showing last year. While Toledo, Rochester, and Kansas City will try to not suck as much, if that's possible.

My season predictions

1 Cleveland Spiders

2 Philadelphia Tigers

3 Brooklyn Gladiators

4 Louisville Admirals

5 Toledo Blue Sox

6 Columbus Buckeyes

7 Kansas City Cowboys

8 Rochester Broncos

9 Indianapolis Hoosiers

(I will have the real season standings up today or tomorrow, along with Philly's starting roster)

I will get more and more in depth as the seasons progress


Rumor has it that Chicago Whäles owner Johnny Higgons is trying to force his way into the ABA, as it stands now all current 9 owners are agansts their joiner. More news as it progresses

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IIRC, "Sox" didn't really become the thing until around 1903...wouldn't they be the Toledo Blue Stockings until then?

Didn't know that, I just thought Sox sounds better than Stockings. And maybe they invented Sox

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Sorry for the delay, my computer wasn't working yesterday.

Here is the starting roster for Philly


1 Mike O'Reilly

2 Jasson Patton

3 Leo Austin


Ken Wilson

Truman Billings


1 Stu Pittman

2 Charlie Suddaby

3 Gregg Calhoun

4 Juan Cruz

5 Mike Lewis

6 Kade Stanton

7 Pablo Mejia

8 Ryan Peiper

I should have the 1889 season up later

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1889 season

Right off the bat everyone knew this was going to be a tightly contested year.

After a month of playing Louisville seemed to have it all figured out leading the pack by 4 games. While Rochester was just pure agony to watch, with only 4 wins after a month

By mid season it looked clear that Louisville and Cleveland would be in the championship. But nobody ruled out Philly or Brooklyn.

Final regular season standing

1 Louisville Admirals 85-39 .685

2 Cleveland Spiders 84-40 .677

3 Philadelphia Tigers 69-55 .556

4 Brooklyn Gladiators 68-56 .548

5 Toledo Blue Sox 68-56 .548

6 Columbus Buckeyes 55-73 .430

7 Kansas City Cowboys 48-76 .387

8 Indianapolis Hoosiers 47-77 .379

9 Rochester Broncos 36-88 .290

Most surprising team= Rochester, I thought for sure they would not get 10 wins

Championship will be Cleveland @ Louisville

I should have the championship up later today

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Who's ready for the 1889 ABA championship game???


September 20th, 1889

Cleveland Spiders vs Louisville Admirals

The American Baseball Association Championship Game II

Pitchers Jerry Ellison, CLE, vs Elroy Kuusisto, LOU,

Underdog, Cleveland

Scoreless through four frames, up till the 5th inning where Cleveland scored twice, thanks to Larry Adair's stellar base running. CLEVELAND 2 LOUISVILLE 0

The Admirals came back with a run in each of the next two innings. CLEVELAND 2 LOUISVILLE 2

In the seventh inning, Cleveland's Larry Adair scored on an error by Desi Kinney, that was his fourth error that game. CLEVELAND 3 LOUISVILLE 2

Louisville got 3 runs in the eighth inning thanks to five straight singles. CLEVELAND 3 LOUISVILLE 5

Last chance for Cleveland in the ninth. First pitch to Larry Adair.... HE HITS A SHOT OUT TO LEFT FIELD, IT CLEARED THE ENTIRE STADIUM. CLEVELAND 4 LOUISVILLE 5

Despite the home run Cleveland could not come back and loses the game


Player of the game. Larry Adair, CLE, 4 AB 3 runs 3 hits 1 RBI 1 HR 1 walk 1 k

Total attendance 1,995

Time of game 2 hours 43 minutes

ABA champions Louisville Admirals

- Charlie Christiansson

(News of possible ABA joining with the Chicago club will be up after the awards are posted some time tomorrow)

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