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Why did Baseball teams use Powder Blue Road uniforms in the 70s & 80s?


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I think powder blue, sage green, sand, and even yellow would work well FOR THE RIGHT TEAMS as road uniform colors (meaning pants too, not just alt jerseys.)

I'm not sure who would wear green (I don't think it'd work for the A's) but maybe the last incarnation of the Devil Rays could have made it work. As long as there was enough gray in it, it would've been fine.

Hell - the White Sox and / or Giants could go full black and I think it'd look good, though I doubt they'd be in to that idea when it's mid July and a hundred and balls outside.

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I agree with oldschoolvikings, the powder blue trend was spurred by the proliferation of color TV more than anything else.

BTW, the Chicago White Sox were the first team to wear such a uniform in 1964; they wore it until 1968, and used another powder blue uniform from 1971-5.

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I've always wondered what made them decide to abandon the Gray and go with Powder Blue, especially in cases like the Phillies where they didn't even have Blue in their colors at the time

Well the Phillies WERE nicknamed the Blue Jays for a short period of time...

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Kind of. They never took "Phillies" off their jerseys, even when they adopted the second nickname. They tried to have it both ways:


Powder blue roads would have looked good on them.

The Original Tampa Bay Rays.

I never knew the Phillies used a blue jay as their logo.

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