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Help me fix the montreal impact


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Hey guys,

I've never really been a fan of the montreal impact crest. Find it overly complicated and not as strong as it could be. Was hoping to get your help in refining it and making it as strong as a city with its rich (albeit short) history deserves. I realize this is pretty rough still so I'd love as much input as possible. Trying for something simple yet powerful and keeping with their current colour scheme and general theme(aka fleur de lis)

here's my start.


any input greatly appreciated.

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Slightly different option. Not sure I'm sold on the font either. Might do some hunting... was hoping to find something legible but also sort of ornate looking. QZuhqzi.png

also, ignore the little errors for now, I see them, just general thoughts for now, thanks guys(and gals I suppose :P)

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Thanks guys. Yeah I'm torn because I like the diagonal text but I agree it looks better with the fleur de lis central and more prominent. I'll experiment. Any other thoughts? Trim? yay/nay? Thought about making the outline follow the trim a bit more(as in the center of the latest few) and possibly adding some sort of trim element to the bottom, it feels a bit empty to me at the moment. Anything else? Sorta trying to evoke the classic french like louis the whatever feel while still keeping it as simple as possible.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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