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Game Day Posters Thread


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They're pretty common in soccer. In MLS, we have LA, Portland, NYCFC and I'm sure others doing it. Indy Eleven in the NASL are quite notable for theirs.

If consider as antecedent these LA Rams program covers from 1961. Every week the program would feature artwork from Los Angeles Examiner cartoonist Karl Hubenthal riffing on the day's opponent.


And my personal favorite:


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I had forgotten about the Bengals' programs - thanks. Pure genius.

^^^ That Rams script on the 49ers cover is awesome. That's all.

Yeah, he was an amazing designer all around.

Thing I love best about that Packers/Rams program is that it proudly predicts that the home team was going to get soundly beaten. Total lack of false bravado.

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I just can't believe the Blue Jackets did 40+ of these things. Impressive and they look awesome.

I love game day posters. Gothamite was kind enough to mention the Indy Eleven ones, which you can see here:



2015 (this is not complete):


Here's the ones I did:





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That's the only thing the Blue Jackets have done right this year.

The Seattle Sounders held a poster designing contest for all of their home games this year. Some hack won for the July 3rd game against DC United: http://www.soundersfc.com/posters


This thread is awesome, and makes me wish more teams did this. Also, love this poster, job well done sir. (Also, clicked on the link and saw your portfolio and the Seattle Pilots concept, that's fantastic.)

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