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Rebranding the Minnesota Timberwolves


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The current ‘Wolves branding is a slight fixer-upper of a logo that was originally
introduced in 1996. As of late, their aesthetic has gone from a nice mix of green
and blue, to looking more and more like the Orlando Magic (especially with their
two primarily used wolf-head and howling wolf logos) and in their uniforms,
utilizing only black, blue and silver. The current trees look like legos, and the
yellow in the eyes are garish.

The NBA has an overabundance of blue, and unique color schemes are few and
far between.

With such a unique name, that suits the area so well, the Wolves owe it to
themselves to have a stand-out and cohesive brand.

With a young, fresh, unique and star-studded line up including the likes of Karl
Anthony-Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine, the Wolves need
a brand that reflects this new energy.

A full-view PDF presentation with process, uniforms, court, apparel and more below. Short preview images below the link:





I realize the color settings turned out a little muted in the PDF. It's never done that to me. Still trying to figure that out.

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I love the direction you tried to go with this.

I think the colors need to contrast more to make this really effective. I think you headed down the right road but aren't quite there. Double grays and a nice green accent would work.

The wolf head secondary seems out of place. The rest of the package is rendered very sharply, with straight lines (minus the wordmark and basketball) but then the wolf head is full of curved lines. It doesn't seem to fit the aesthetic. While you're at it I would see if the font could be matched to this same look without taking it back to the in-your-face sharp wordmark.

The only other thing I would suggest is maybe making the wolf more prominent in the primary. Right now the hierarchy seems to be shield, lettering, basketball, trees, wolf. You made a great wolf logo, don't hide it in a shield, show it off. Make it howl louder, if you will. That could be done by simply resizing and rearranging, or by changing the way colors are used in the logo.

Keep up the great work, that M shield works so well that I want the Bucks to quit using the wonky M they use so Minnesota can adopt this without confusion.

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the muted colors are perfect for a team named the wolves, i would keep them that way if i were you. this rebrand is one of the best ive seen on here thats for sure.

i really like the sublimated "M" at the bottom of the primary logo , its a really nice touch.

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The howling wolf looks great, and I like the colors, particularly the charcoal gray.

In the primary, I wish the wolf took up a greater portion of the space. Right now there's a lot of empty pine green space, and I'm pretty sure you would still accomplish that nature-y feel with the shield and trees shrunk down some (even if the wolf blends into the shields' border some). I also wonder if he frontal head logo would look cleaner with just one shade of gray. But great stuff and great presentation as always.

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I don't love the shape of the shield on the primary. I like the wolf, the text and the trees but the overall shape is a bit off IMO.

and I feel that the (now seemingly required) basketball element could be integrated a bit better

But those are minor complaints about what is otherwise an absolutely brilliant set. I absolutely love the colours and all the secondaries

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Going to agree with eRay about the wolf head not quite meshing designwise with the rest of elements. I think part of it is how dominant the dark grey is compared to the rest of the colors, especially the green, which is hardly used. Honestly, I think you're fine not including it. Overall, great job, particularly with the uniform!

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Every time I see a rebranding that is this good and so perfectly executed, I get angry for not thinking of it sooner.

So yeah, thanks for showing us up :P

All kidding aside, this is superb. Great work as always.

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Everyone thanks for your feedback as usual. I took some of the advice about making the wolf in the primary larger (so the shield should no longer be the dominant item).

I also added some of the green into the face for more continuity between the two. (As highlight color, not necessarily the wolf's fur itself being green). I think it may need to lose all curved lines and just be a squared-out render of the face to really match the wolf in the primary.

That's how wolf legs are. Made the tail a little bigger. After/before compariso:





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