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I was very inspired about derschwigg's Millard South High School rebrand, since my old high school's logo is kind of bad, I decided to try and redesign it.

This is the current logo:


And here is my attempt:


And this is my attempt at their football uniforms





C&C appreciated!

Thanks for viewing!

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I tweaked a little bit, have an updated home jersey, I want some feedback before I keep going or ditch the idea. Also I'm kinda stuck at a dead end with the facetail. It just looks out of place anywhere else. Should I scrap it?


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The lighter blue doesn't work. Stick with the darker.

As for the tail, since you're not using the logo in full on the helmet, I'd put an "MHS" below the eyes, and have the bottom of the S become the tail if you really feel you need it.

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I'm both honored and flattered that my project inspired you!

While I like the horns on the helmet as a concept, I feel like the actual icon doesn't do "Blue Devil" justice yet. I see more "luchadore" than "blue devil" from the half-face icon. I think there's a lot of possibility with that tail element, though. If I were you, I'd try incorporating the devil tail into the M itself. Or you could try stylizing the devil fork into an M itself.

Since "devil" is such an iconic mascot, you could make a really cool identity using the most prominent elements of the devil - Horns, Tail and Fork. No one's ever really seen a devil, so you can really play off of the vague nature of the creature to play with people's imagination, leaving some element of the identity to them. It doesn't need to explicitly be a "devil," but it can feel devilish and be just as effective.

The uniforms are very clean, though. There isn't much I'd change there. Minor tweaks, but that's more a personal thing than anything else. Well done!

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I actually like the half devil face. I concur with the idea to stylize the tail into an MHS wordmark, or even into just an "M".

As for the football helmet, try incorporating the full half face logo into the front of the helmet somehow. It would work really well on the front of the helmet, as if opponents are looking directly into those "devil eyes".

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